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25 June 1998 Edition

Towards an era of change

25 June 1998

The votes cast for Sinn Féin in the election to the transitional Assembly in the Six Counties will ensure that a strong, committed team of activists will take their seats. They will be voices for change in the Assembly, the Executive and in the All-Ireland Ministerial Council. Free article

Flanagan's remarks fuel Garvaghy fears

25 June 1998

In what appears to be a green light to loyalist extremists, RUC Chief Constable Ronnie Flanagan has said he will push the 5 July Orange parade through the nationalist Garvaghy Road if Orangemen repeat their mass intimidation campaign of 1996. Free article

Hope and history rhyme once more

25 June 1998

On the two hundredth anniversary of the United Irish Rebellion, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams spoke at the grave of Wolfe Tone at Bodenstown about the continuing inspiration of Irish republicanism Free article

Concern grows over Bloody Sunday Inquiry

25 June 1998

Amid growing concerns about the new Bloody Sunday inquiry, Gerry Adams has told Tony Blair he must ``remain focused and be prepared to stand up to those within his own system who are prepared to perpetuate injustice.'' Free article


Zapatistas standing firm

25 June 1998

Three hours of highway and twisty mountain roads from the town of San Cristobal, the village of Diez de Abril sprawls a little across the floor of a valley. Four years ago this was a massive ranch, owned by one man, until the EZLN - Zapatista Army of National Liberation - uprising in 1994 sent many such landlords scurrying to the cities, and the farm labourers took over. Now Diez de Abril is home to 700 Zapatistas (most of them children) - and a varying number of international observers staying at the Irish-run peace camp. Free article

SF will not be deflected

25 June 1998

Sinn Féin Councillor Brendan Curran, Chairperson of Newry and Mourne Council, said that Wednesday's bomb in Newtownhamilton, South Armagh was ``clearly intended to undermine the current opportunity for peace. It must not be allowed to do so.'' Free article

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