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25 June 1998 Edition

Make equality and justice traditional

25 June 1998

So Tony Blair has called on British armed service employers to take strong action against English soccer hooligans. If thugs really were to be thrown out of the British Army and RAF, it would drastically reduce their numbers and would be a great boost to the demilitarisation campaign. Free article

Timing a smear

25 June 1998

Student politics are fascinating. The Students' Union in Queens University has established an electoral court to investigate allegations of electoral fraud in the recent elections of Sabbatical (or paid) positions on the Union and for a number of other elected offices. Free article

The challenge facing Irish church leaders

25 June 1998

It was rather distressing to hear the Archbishop of Cashel, Dr Clifford criticise the GAA for refusing to remove Rule 21 which bars RUC and British soldiers from playing Gaelic Games. His remarks that northerners exerted what amounted to intimidation are deeply insulting and arrogant. Free article

Rebels hold sway in Colombia

25 June 1998

After a gap of eight years Colombia's Conservative Party has regained control of the country's presidential office. The party's candidate - Andres Pastrana - defeated Liberal Party nominee Horacio Serpa, in a second round run-off. Pastrana won close to 51% of the vote, while Serpa could only manage 46%. The turnout was just over 50%. Free article

Lón daonnachta ó dhuine d'fhilí móra an ghrá

25 June 1998

Saoi é Pearse Hutchinson (fiú muna bhfuil an Torc aige fós) - fear eagna, fear léinn agus ollamh le deisbhéalaíocht. Idirnáisiúnaí é - agus ilnáisiúnaí. Free article

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Workers in struggle

25 June 1998

Gardai must make a choice, Brickies strike enters fifth week, PD Harney wags the dog and Ryanair's wheelchair profits Free article

Sportsview: Blu flu in Croker, flowers in Lyons

25 June 1998

Like two weeks ago the view from the Hill was far from pretty, in fact it was pure depressing. A Dublin team in disarray, dysfunctional and more akin to headless chickens than a football team. Not to take away from Kildare's victory, but the Dubs didn't play and the one point winning margin should have been a lot more. Free article

Remembering the Past: A truly radical priest

25 June 1998

Archbishop Troy believed 200 years ago that priests advocating what today would be termed liberation theology were ``infected with the French disease''. One such priest was Father James Coigly, a man ahead of his time. He was not only a radical within the church, but also a republican, a revolutionary and an internationalist who played a vital role in unifying the forces of change in Ireland, England and Scotland. Free article

Back issue: More charges for poster

25 June 1998

A leading member of the Release Don O'Leary Campaign in Cork has been charged with the same offence as O'Leary was - possession of an incriminating document - and will appear in court next month. Freddie O'Doherty's `crime' is having a copy of the popular Bás nó an bua poster. The poster, which depicts armed IRA Volunteers and is in full colour, has sold thousands of copies all over Ireland. Free article

New in print: Strategies from the ivory tower

25 June 1998

Peace or War? Understanding the Peace Process in Northern Ireland Edited by Chris Gilligan and Jon Tonge Published by Ashgate Price £35 Free article

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