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23 April 1998 Edition

Forward in struggle

23 April 1998

Sinn Féin's 92nd Ard Fheis saw a party at a defining moment in its development. The Good Friday document was at the heart of debate over the weekend in Dublin's ornate RDS library and this will be continued when the Ard Fheis reconvenes within a month to decide on the party's approach to the document. Debate was comradely yet intense and points to an historic gathering in a few weeks' time. Free article

Sectarian murder in Portadown

23 April 1998

Portadown councillors Breandan MacCionnaith and Joe Duffy have advised Catholics to exercise extreme vigilance following the sectarian murder of a Catholic worker at a Council depot on Tuesday. Free article

British troops invade farm in South Armagh

23 April 1998

A large force of British soldiers moved onto lands at Crossmaglen, County Armagh at 9.05am on Wednesday morning. The farm and house of Henry McElroy and his mother, aged over 70 years, have been placed under occupation with soldiers digging into fields and adjacent roads spiked and chained. Free article

North Belfast communities stand firm

23 April 1998

A coalition of North Belfast community groups have this week amalgamated to oppose the contentious Orange Tour of the North march through nationalist areas on 19 June. Free article


Lurgan nationalists under RUC attack

23 April 1998

A dawn raid by the RUC and British army just hours after the sectarian killing of Adrian Lamph in Portadown has angered nationalist residents of Lurgan's Kilwilkie estate. Free article

McBride killers still in British Army

23 April 1998

In response to parliamentary questions tabled by Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn on behalf of the Pat Finucane Centre the British Secretary of State for Defence has admitted that the two Scots Guards convicted of the 1992 murder of North Belfast teenager Peter McBride have not been dismissed from the British Army. Free article

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