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20 November 1997 Edition

British forces wrecking peace

20 November 1997

An intensive campaign of harassment and intimidation against nationalists in Armagh by the RUC over the past number of weeks finally exploded into the wider public consciousness on Tuesday, 18 November. Free article

McAliskey - one year imprisoned

20 November 1997

It is exactly one year today since Roisin McAliskey was arrested at her Coalisland home and imprisoned on foot of an extradition warrant from Germany. When initially cautioned, however, the 1996 IRA mortar attack on the British military base in Osnabruck, Germany (the subject of the extradition warrant) was never mentioned to her nor has she ever been charged with any offence by either the German or British authorities. Free article

Shoot to kill - 15 years on

20 November 1997

Peadar Whelan looks back at the shoot to kill incidents in County Armagh 15 years ago Free article

South Armagh POW regularly brutalised

20 November 1997

29 year old Seamus McArdle from South Armagh was arrested by heavily armed British soldiers, some in civilian clothing, near Cregganduff near Crossmaglen on 10 April this year. In one of the worst ever cases of brutality Seamus and four friends were savagely beaten. They were then taken to Gough barracks interrogation centre and again brutalised. Free article


Clegg set to be cleared

20 November 1997

From killing and cover-up, the case of paratrooper Lee Clegg continues to wind its way towards his judicial exoneration for the slaying of Irish teenager Karen Reilly. Free article

North Belfast sectarian attacks continue

20 November 1997

Loyalists were again on the rampage last Sunday 16 November when a gang from the Tigers Bay area of North Belfast invaded the grounds of the Holy Family Church on the Limestone Road during 12.30 mass and damaged the vehicles of massgoers then chased young parishioners out of the church grounds into nearby Clanchattan Street. The young boys escaped, however, when the gang decided to attack nearby Catholic homes. Free article

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