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30 October 1997 Edition

Time to embrace change

30 October 1997

David Trimble's speech to his party conference last Saturday did not give any hope that he is the leader who will take Unionists into a new era. Even though it was to be expected that Trimble would give a hardline speech, it is clear that what he said represents his long-held thinking. Free article

Irish Neutrality and a Nuclear Arms free Europe

30 October 1997

The Peace and Neutrality Alliance (PANA) held a conference on the Amsterdam Treaty and Irish Neutrality in Dublin on Saturday 25 October. Speakers included Green MEP Patricia McKenna, Roger Cole, the Reverend Terence McCaughey, Billy Fitzpatrick of CND, Tomás MacGiolla and Dublin South West Sinn Féin representative Seán Crowe. We carry here edited versions of an article on PANA by its chairperson Roger Cole and Seán Crowe's speech. Free article

Democracy in Ireland

30 October 1997

Sinn Féin seeks the establishment of a 32 county unitary state. This is also the preferred option of the parties which participated in the New Ireland Forum and is a constitutional imperative upheld in Articles 2 and 3 of the Irish constitution. Free article

Mowlam washes her hands of discrimination

30 October 1997

When Chrissie McAuley stood up in Belfast City council last Friday 24 October to question Direct Ruler Mowlam about the inequality being practised against Sinn Fein by the Alliance, Ulster Unionist and Democratic Unionist parties Mowlam replied that she couldn't interfere in the internal affairs of the council. Free article


Unionists walk out again

30 October 1997

For the second time in two weeks members of the Ulster Unionist Party walked out of the Stormont talks. Yet again the issue was Articles Two and Three of the 26 Counties Constitution. Free article

SF meets Prisons Minister

30 October 1997

A Sinn Fein delegation led by Dodie McGuinness met NIO security minister Adam Ingram on Thursday 23 October specifically to talk about prison related issues. Free article

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