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18 September 1997 Edition

Ready for real talks

18 September 1997

This week, despite all the posturing of David Trimble and his loyalist allies, the momentum of the peace process drove the UUP, UDP and PUP into Stormont. Behind that momentum was the popular desire of those parties' own constituents to see all-party talks. The stage is now set. Give or take more antics from Trimble and Co, there will soon be face-to-face negotiations. It has truly been an historic week. Free article

`Be extremely vigilant' warning to South Down nationalists

18 September 1997

Current Loyalist paramilitary activity in the South Down area has been described as a ``grim repetition'' of activity which preceeded the brutal sectarian murder of 16-year-old James Morgan six weeks ago. Sinn Fein Councillor Frank McDowell is urging nationalists to remain extremely vigilant. Free article

Huge Saoirse rally calls for freedom for POWs

18 September 1997

There was a massive turnout at the Saoirse rally on the eve of all-party talks, Sunday 14 September, at Belfast City Hall. Free article

Bullet in post for Ardoyne family

18 September 1997

Last Saturday morning's post brought fear to a young Ardoyne family when they opened a brown envelope posted on 11 September and found a Russian made Kynocm 7.65 bullet inside. Accompanying it was a note addressed to a North Belfast republican who does not live at the address telling him to ``watch your back, because we are.'' It continued, ``we have enclosed a present, plenty more, but sadly for you, not in the post. Your old pals on the Shankill.'' Free article


Spy bunker uncovered

18 September 1997

The discovery of a British Army bunker under a derelict house in South Armagh is the most sinister in a series of incidents which have alarmed nationalists in the South Armagh area. Reports of British Army and RUC harassment and incursions into the 26 Counties have risen dramatically in the last weeks. Free article

New group to `promote understanding of Irish revolution'

18 September 1997

Moving from trying to save a historical building to working for ``the achievement of national self determination'' is quite a journey for anyone to take on. However this is just the course that the founding members of the Ireland Institute have taken over the last year. This weekend Australian novelist Thomas Keneally will speak at the Institute's inaugural lecture at Trinity College Dublin on the theme of The Republican Idea: Past and Future. Free article

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