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18 September 1997 Edition

Ken and the spindoctors

18 September 1997

In George Orwell's ``1984'' one of the characters Winston Graham, works in the records department of the ``Ministry of Truth''. His job is to correct the newspapers and books so that they reflect the government's political thinking and values. Free article

A Nation Once Again?

18 September 1997

Does the Scottish referendum result herald independence? David Hewitt writes. Free article

Settling for trouble

18 September 1997

Irving Moskowitz and Binyamin Netanyahu appear to have a lot in common. Principally, both appear to be possessed of a unique ability to stir up conflict and controversy. Provoking other people has become something of a trademark for these two individuals. Free article

Daw eu dydd hefyd

18 September 1997

Mo ghreidhn iad muintir na hAlban! Inniu is ag na Breatnaigh atá an deis céim, dá laghad í, a ghlacadh chun fuascailte. Free article

Workers in struggle

18 September 1997

Rural Development Council apology? and EU plans currency gamble Free article

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Sportsview: Our bhoys 2 - Spice boys 2

18 September 1997

Now we know how good a team Celtic is. The prognosis is good. Tuesday's thrilling two-all draw at Parkhead in the first leg of their UEFA cup tie with Liverpool showed a Celtic who in the early stages of the match were dire but sparked alive in the second half, unleashing a potential that rocked a Liverpool team who up to then looked like they were going to coast to victory. Free article

Remembering the Past: An Droch Shaol - The Irish Holocaust

18 September 1997

Millions fled famine and fever or were forced to emigrate by landlords clearing their estates. Between 1845 and 1855 almost two million people of all ages emigrated to North America, Australia, Britain and elsewhere. The majority were unskilled and Catholic, with over 25% being native Irish-speakers. Free article

Back issue: Smash Stormont!

18 September 1997

With all hopes of an effective nationalist boycott of the forthcoming Stormont assembly elections smashed by the SDLP's rejection of the boycott call, James Prior is now set to initiate the first stage of his rolling-devolution-to-Stormont programme. Free article

New in print: No Go - A photographic record of Free Derry

18 September 1997

I recall with amusement a comment made to me some time ago by a person in Derry who received a book of photographs as a Christmas present. When asked what he thought of the book - which was fishing-related - the recipient remarked in a rather weighty tone that some of the photographs ``are a bit dark''. (Thankfully he is a more expert fly-fisherman, than he is an art critic). Free article

Cinema: Boost for West Belfast Film Festival

18 September 1997

The West Belfast Film Festival, now in its third year, has pulled off a major coup by securing the Irish premiere of Wilde, the new film about the life of Oscar Wilde. Present at the screening on Friday 26 September in Cineworld in the Kennedy Centre on the Falls Road, will be the film's star, Stephen Fry. Free article

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