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23 January 1997 Edition

Bloody Sunday pressure mounts

23 January 1997

The 25 year campaign to prove that Bloody Sunday was state sponsored murder is now putting the British government under enormous pressure to open a new public inquiry into the deaths. Free article

Governor lied to escape inquiry

23 January 1997

In what is fast becoming a sensational trial into the breakout from Whitemoor Prison in September 1994, the prison governor has given evidence in court, under oath, that he misled the Woodcock Inquiry into the escape. Free article

McAliskey case fails

23 January 1997

Roisin McAliskey failed in her attempt to block an extradition hearing at the High Court in London on Wednesday. Free article

Quinn's last stand

23 January 1997

A giveaway budget, a tax cutting budget, a pre-election budget - what about a fair and equitable budget that caters for all sectors of the economy and doesn't just pander to the corporate sector while throwing small crumbs to the overtaxed workers and piecemeal gestures to those dependent on social welfare payments? Free article


New IRA weapon

23 January 1997

A new IRA weapon came into use in the past week which saw two attacks on British forces. Free article

Larne family in narrow escape

23 January 1997

A Larne family, including a five month old baby, narrowly escaped death when a loyalist explosive device exploded under their van. Free article

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