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1 June 2017 Edition

Fighting for the heart and soul of their community

1 June 2017

ENTHUSED by the legacy and commitment of Gerard ‘Big Jock’ Davison, the Market Development Association (MDA) has embraced many of the projects that Davison championed as the MDA Regeneration Manager before he was shot dead by a gunman in May 2015. On the second anniversary of Davison’s death An Phoblacht’s PEADAR WHELAN travelled to the Market area and met with members of the MDA and spoke to them about the man they see as “a hero, a defender of the area and an advocate for our community”. Free article

Fine Gael/Ind Government launches assault on workers’ pay

1 June 2017

THE Dublin Government has launched a full-scale attack on public sector workers. While mouthing about restoring some of the pay stolen from these workers at the height of the recession, they have declared a hardline stance about any pay restoration being based on the Government’s ability to pay. Free article

An open prison in which people are slowly suffocating

1 June 2017

AFTER A MONTH of volunteering in the West Bank with a children’s rights NGO, I am left with a sense of despair for the Palestinian people forced to exist under a brutal apartheid Israeli regime. Every night, every day, the experiences of just four weeks living in the West Bank haunt me. Free article

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Rogha na Fraince idir Rud Deistineach agus Arrachtach

1 June 2017

BHÍ osna faoisimh i measc na ndíograiseóirí Eorpacha nuair a d’eirigh le Emmanuel Macron an bua a fháil i dtoghchán uachtaránacht na Fraince. Free article

‘The real founder of Sinn Féin’

1 June 2017

THE United Irishman newspaper of 11 May 1901 dedicated five pages to the death of William Rooney. Free article

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