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16 October 2008 Edition

Capitalism in crisis

16 October 2008

THE global economic crisis has created a whirlwind of reaction and recrimination. Much of this anger has been directed against the major financial institutions and Governments and the political parties. Free article

The Mary Nelis Column

16 October 2008

On the 30th Anniversary of the British Government's 1976 Fair Employment legislation, designed to outlaw religious and political discrimination in the North of Ireland, the Committee for the Administration of Justice, (CAJ) launched a damning report on the failure of Government to address the 'problems of disadvantage and communal division' in the North of Ireland. Free article

Fifth Column

16 October 2008

An Phoblacht's famous weekly satirical column. Free article

Remembering the Past: The British broadcasting ban

16 October 2008

In October 1988 the British Home Secretary Douglas Hurd announced in the House of Commons that all Sinn Féin spokespersons and representatives were to be banned from television and radio. Free article

International : US Justice and the Miami Five, Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch

16 October 2008

Nobody in Ireland needs instruction on how a country's judicial system will, when required, deliver the verdict that is demanded by the political system. Free article

Ómós don Oidhreacht

16 October 2008

Bhí roinnt imeachtaí eagraithe ar mhaithe le tábhacht oidhreacht Oirthear na Gaillimhe a ardú le deireannas. Free article

Matt Treacy

16 October 2008

One of the great joys of junior hurling is that you never know who YOU will end up marking. Especially as the season progresses and you might have the chance of winning something. Suddenly the pot bellied, myopic balding corner forward who was even slower than you when you played them the last time has miraculously metamorphosised into someone with the pace of Usain Bolt, the accuracy of Joe Canning and who only knows the half forwards by their numbers. 'Down the line Number 10.' And he's from Kilkenny or Tipperary or Cork. Free article

Points of View: Was Sinn Féin right to support Dáil banks guarantee?

16 October 2008

PÁDRAIG Mac LOCHLAINN talks about why he is in favour of it and EOIN Ó BROIN talks about why he is against it Free article

'Don't dare screw us, Brian'

16 October 2008

"DON'T dare screw us, Brian," screamed the front page of Tuesday's Star where it went on to define "us" as "the ordinary, hard-working people of this country", presumably including Star editor Ger Colleran. Still, good strong stuff making the point that the financial crisis was created by "politicians, fat cat property developers, greedy bankers and incompetent financial watchdogs" and that these were the people Lenihan should target in the Budget. Free article

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