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25 October 2007 Edition

Britain's political and military leaders worked hand in glove with unionist death squads

25 October 2007

WHEN 30-year-old Eugene Martin was shot dead by the UVF, in February 1993, the people of Ballyronan, in south County Derry where he lived, were shocked by his killing. Free article

The Mitchel McLaughlin Column

25 October 2007

DUP Minister Nigel Dodds is allowing his politics to blur his judgement on an all-Ireland economy. His refusal to countenance the merging of Invest NI and the Industrial Development Agency in the South is based on a false premise. He claims that the competitive nature of procuring Foreign Direct Investment and significant differences in product offering would make a single operation impossible. Free article

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25 October 2007

EU Constitution renamed, 'Debate' underway on Reform Treaty in Leinster House, 'All government policies need to be disaster-proof' - Bairbre de Brún MEP and What they are saying about the Treaty Free article


25 October 2007

From Vinegar Hill to Edentubber Free article


25 October 2007

The Pearsons of Coolacrease Free article

Matt Treacy

25 October 2007

EDWIN POOTS, the DUP minister with responsibility for, among other things, sport, addressed the GAA Ulster Council last Saturday. Poots has not endeared himself over his stance regarding the proposed Irish Language Act so there was considerable interest in his becoming the first unionist minister to officially attend a GAA meeting. Free article

Media View

25 October 2007

RTÉ's Hidden History programme appears to believe that objectivity is arrived at by giving a true picture of republican history one week and a false picture the next. So, if you tell the truth in one episode you must balance things by telling porkies the next time. The show lived up to its title and methodology this week by hiding the facts from viewers in a travesty of a programme which was originally entitled Atonement: ethnic cleansing in the Midlands. Free article

Fifth Column

25 October 2007

Brutal memory recovery

WHEN John ‘Brutal’ Bruton was Fine Gael Taoiseach (1994-1997), he was big on lecturing everyone about integrity in politics. Then a well-known property developers’ bag man – sorry, lobbyist – whose job was buying politicians’ votes with bribes, told him that one of his party’s county councillors was looking for a huge back-hander – £250,000. A quarter of a... Free article

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