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27 September 2007 Edition

State agents believed to be directly involved in Nelson murder

27 September 2007

Sometime between the hours of darkness on Sunday, 14 March and the morning of Monday, 15 March an explosive device was placed under the car of Rosemary Nelson, a solicitor in Lurgan, County Armagh. At approximately 12.40pm on the Monday the bomb exploded as the 40-year-old mother of three braked at the bottom of the street where she lived. At 3.10pm Rosemary Nelson was pronounced dead in hospital. She left behind a devastated family and a community in mourning. Free article

The Mitchel McLaughlin Column

27 September 2007

WHEN An Taoiseach Bertie Ahern announced last week his intention to set up a committee to look at Fianna Fáil organising in the North, there was much speculation as to his motivation. Free article

British Government running out of options on nuclear waste

27 September 2007

BRITAIN'S National Academy of Science, the Royal Society, has produced a damning report on Sellafield's growing plutonium stockpiles and its failure to plan for their safe storage, Sellafield Ltd has embarked on PR exercise by holding a VIP reception to watch the demolition of the four Calder Hall cooling towers on the 4km site. Free article

INTERNATIONAL : US military steps up a gear

27 September 2007

THE FACT that the sixth anniversary of the September 11 attacks against New York's World Trade Centre and General David Petraeus's testimony to the US Congress coincided serves as a reminder of President George W Bush's attempts to cast the American invasion and occupation of Iraq as part of the larger war on terror, a logical and supposedly unavoidable step to prevent the next 9/11 or avenge the last. Free article

Achoimre Teilifíse

27 September 2007

Mobs Mheiriceá Free article

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Cearrbhachas in Éirinn

27 September 2007

An tseachtain seo caite, d'fhógair Oisín McConville, duine de na peileadóirí is fearr in Eirinn (cé nach as Contae an Dúin é!) go raibh sé gafa le cearrbhachas. Scrios cearrbhachas a shaol, bhí sé i bhfiacha agus bhí sé faoi dhúlagar. Ag caint leis an BBC roimh sheoladh a leabhair úir The Gambler dúirt sé gur chúis a bhí ann nach raibh aon neart aige air. Bhí a fhadhb go holc i ndiaidh Craobhchomórtas na hÉireann, am nuair a bhí sé sa spotsolas. Free article

Remembering the Past

27 September 2007

Thomas Ashe - Galvanising a nation Free article


27 September 2007

Tuairisc a bhí ar Lá Nua ar 20 Meán Fómhair ag rá go raibh cinneadh déanta ag Aire Forbartha an Tuaiscirt dul chun cinn le comharthaí dátheangach ar bhóithre agus ar shráideanna. Free article

The Matt Treacy Column

27 September 2007

BISHOP BERKELEY devised the famous philosophical dictum "Esse est percipi" - "To be is to be perceived" - which basically states that one can only be aware of what one actually sees. Which, in turn, leads to the interesting conundrum regarding whether something then exists if nobody sees it. And this, in turn, is one of the arguments for the existence of God as the all-seeing perceiver. Because if there was no God to see everything then things would not exist. Very clever. Free article

Media View

27 September 2007

The Mahon Tribunal and Bertie Ahern's less than coherent evidence to it has dominated the media over the past week or two, and, if the media have their way, will continue to dominate over the next few months. Free article

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