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20 September 2007 Edition

Agriculture: All-Ireland approach essential

20 September 2007

If anything in recent weeks showed the common sense of an all-Ireland approach to agriculture, it's the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in Britain and how the threat it posed to farmers' livelihoods in the North has been countered. Free article

The Mary Nelis Column

20 September 2007

You wonder at the timing. For the first time in its history, Fianna Fáil is to organise in the Six Counties. The announcement was made at the end of a week that saw its leader again facing questions about his personal financial matters at the Mahon Tribunal. Free article

British arms trade within Six counties under scrutiny

20 September 2007

THE ROLE of the Six Counties within the British arms trade came under specific scrutiny with a report this week by Amnesty International, Northern Ireland: Arming the World. Free article

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20 September 2007

MEPs call for ban on Brazilian beef, Foot and Mouth: 'Brand Ireland' the only way forward for Irish farmers, De Brún backs calls for dairy promotion scheme, Influential MEPs study effects of partition, Ireland to lose a seat in European Parliament and Parliament supports review of liquids on aircraft regulations Free article


20 September 2007

Ainmneacha Capaill Rása Tá tús curtha ag Gael-Taca Chorcaí le seirbhís nua do lucht na gCapall Rása, is é sin ainmneacha Gaeilge a chur ar fáil do thionscal na gcapall. Tá tacaíocht á tabhairt ag dream as Contae an Chláir don iarracht seo trí liostaí d'ainmneacha oiriúnacha a chur ar fáil. Tá aithne ar Jim Bolger mar thraenálaí capall agus mar fhear tacaíochta don iomáint - eisean a chuir tús leis an iarracht seo ag cur ainmneacha Gaeilge ar chapaill. Beidh liosta buan d'ainmneacha á dhéanamh ag Gael-Taca dóibh siúd a bhfuil suim acu in a leithéid. Is tionscnamh é seo atá mar chuid de dhíghalldú na hÉireann agus athghabháil ár nGaelachais atá ar siúl i measc lucht gnó agus eagraíochtaí poiblí. Ádh mór ar an iarracht! Free article

TV Review : Punk economist's dire warnings

20 September 2007

DAVID McWILLIAMS is that rare thing - a punk and an economist. He doesn't hold to popular opinion and feels perfectly comfortable when he's going against the zeitgeist grain. His latest deconstruction of the 26 Counties' economic boom, under the book and series title Ireland's Generation Game, will strike a lot of chords along the M50 and its choking tributaries. McWilliams's bug-bear is as it has always been: cheap credit fuelling over-inflation in a property boom that is primed to eat not just itself but everything around it. Free article

The Matt Treacy Column

20 September 2007

SOMEONE was once telling me about a chap who made a great catch from a throw-in, burst past his markers and kicked the ball over the bar for a point worthy of the great Mick O'Connell. The only problem was that it happened to be the goal that his team was defending. A buck eejit was probably one of the kindlier epithets thrown in his direction. Free article

Media View

20 September 2007

LIKE most normal people who do not inhabit the Irish Times newsroom, I'm less than fascinated by the Mahon Tribunal's doings. Last Saturday's Irish Times devoted page after page of coverage to an issue that most of the Irish people have made up their minds on already. Free article

Fifth Column

20 September 2007

Up the RAR!

FAIR PLAY to Republicans Against Racism who lined out in the 11th annual Sport Against Racism Ireland (SARI) ‘Soccerfest’ in the Garda Athletics Grounds in Dublin’s Phoenix Park last weekend.
Some 400 players and thousands of supporters took part in the 7-a-side friendly competition over two days of fun, food and footie.
Justice was done when top fashion designer John... Free article

Letter to the Taoiseach

20 September 2007

I'VE BEEN following you and Celia at the Mahon Tribunal. I'm not the only one, says you! I found it intriguing that you were christened 'Bartholomew'. Hardly the most political of observations but it reminded me of a story that my mother told me about my own christening. Free article

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