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5 July 2007 Edition

Collusion : Cover up and protection of killer agents continues

5 July 2007

Last week's decision by the Public Prosecution Service in the Six Counties not to prosecute any members of the British Crown forces involved in the murders of several people including the high-profile assasination of Belfast defence lawyer Pat Finucane can only be understood within a wider recognition of collusion as a sanctioned state policy. In the 18 years of campaigning for the truth precipitated by the Finucane murder, the British state has sought to deny collusion by serial redefinition. Free article

The Mitchel McLaughlin Column

5 July 2007

Hardly a day passes without an article or news report about climate change and what is required to counteract its negative effects or the measures we will be required to adapt to the changing environment. Climate change is widely accepted as the most problematic issue facing governments today, as geographical borders are no protection against its advance. The most obvious and visible affect of climate change locally is the increased incidence of widespread flooding witnessed in many parts of Ireland and Britain over recent years. We have also experienced a slight increase in the average temperature which if it continues will see these problems exacerbated unless we devise measures to counteract them. Free article

OPINION : Time to prepare people for a longer, deeper political battle

5 July 2007

How do we deliver change? How do we deliver unity? How do we deliver a rights based social programme that ensures access to universal public services, wealth redistribution, raises standards of living and improves quality of life? How do we succeed in our objective of delivering a socialist republic? Free article

OPINION : North can radicalise the rest of Ireland

5 July 2007

The failure to achieve our political goals in this last election could be an occasion for losing confidence. We seem locked into structures in the North which are at 'go slow' speed and our vision of accelerating towards a roll-out of a radical all-Ireland agenda through Sinn Féin Ministers on both sides of the border seem stymied. For many this has been a testing time for their belief in the strategy. Free article

OPINION : Benefits of costing our proposals too high to ignore

5 July 2007

As a party Sinn Féin has developed a formidable raft of social policies, based on our general equality agenda. Amongst other things, we argue for increased social and affordable housing, for rent controls, for universal childcare provision, for a single tier, fully accessible Public Health Service, for increased provision for carers, for reduced class sizes and full access to appropriate education for all. Free article

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Filleann an feall ar an bhfeallaire

5 July 2007

Filleann an feall ar an bhfeallaire a deirtear, ach ní bheifeá cinnte de sin tar éis an toghcháin is déanaí. Tá an buachaill bó Bertie fós i réim in ainneoin na gceisteanna faoina airgeadais, an stáit dhá réim atá anois againn agus go leor fadhbanna eacnamaíocha agus sóisialta eile sna 26 Chontae. Ní amaháin seo ach tá sé imithe níos faide fós agus iachall méadaithe a cur orthusan a íocann cáin, leis na trí phost nua sa rialtas chun na cúlbhinsí a shocrú agus na heirebaill in airde le teacht chun cinn an Chomhaontais Ghlais. Free article

Interview : Dublin City Councillor Louise Minihan

5 July 2007

Vice Chairperson of Dublin Sinn Féin, LOUISE MINIHAN was recently co-opted as a member of Dublin City Council after Ballyfermot Sinn Féin Councillor Tony Smithers stepped down from his seat for family reasons. Here, Councillor Minihan talks to ELLA O'DWYER about her background, the influences that caused her to get involved in republican politics and her desire to get "stuck in" in her constituency of Dublin South Central. Free article


5 July 2007

Tá mé ag scríobh chugaibh mar tá a fhios agam nach bhfuil aon 'War News' agaibh na laethanta seo agus níl aon scéalta faoi na 'Peelers' ag tochailt suas urlár i mBéal Feirste. Free article

The Matt Treacy Column

5 July 2007

Possibly the most disappointed person in Croke Park last Sunday was the woman behind me who spent ten minutes before the minor final telling her friend (plus moi!) what the Kilkenny captain was going to say in his acceptance speech. Should he thank the Physio by name or not? Hubris, my dear woman. Hubris. Free article

Remembering the Past

5 July 2007

The Falls Curfew Free article

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