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15 February 2007 Edition

Assembly Election: Thirty seven Sinn Féin candidates across the Six Counties

15 February 2007

Thirty seven Sinn Féin candidates across the Six Counties handed in their nomination papers this week, as the only all-Ireland political party gears up for the first of two elections in 2007 - to take place within months of each other. The assembly poll will be the eighth election that Sinn Féin, as a national party, has contested in the decade so far. (For the record, there were Six County local elections in 2001 and 2005, an EU poll in 2004, Westminster elections in 2001 and 2005, 26 County local elections in 2004 and a Leinster House election in 2002.) Free article

Collusion: Packed conference hears of British involvement and Irish inaction

15 February 2007

A Sinn Féin conference on collusion between British Intelligence and unionist paramilitaries has called on 26-County Justice Minister Michael McDowell to hold a proper debate in the Oireachtas on the issues surrounding Police Ombudsman Nuala O'Loan's report and the standard of Garda inquiries into cross-border attacks on nationalists. Free article

Assembly elections: Crucial for all Ireland

15 February 2007

Every election has its own unique set of issues, arguments, debates and principles, but rarely more so than in the case of the Six-County Assembly elections on 7 March. Sinn Féin Vice-President and Director of Elections PAT DOHERTY MP talks to PHILIP CONNOLLY about the issues and why this is such a crucial election, not just for Sinn Féin but for all of Ireland in the years ahead. Free article

The Mitchel McLaughlin Column

15 February 2007

Political dialogue and discourse between the parties, especially between the DUP and Sinn Féin, is the single absolutely essential step-change required to achieve political and economic stability. Free article

Dáil general election profile: Joanne Spain, Dublin Mid-West

15 February 2007

JOANNE SPAIN is Sinn Féin's candidate for Dublin Mid-West, where Health Minister Mary Harney is a TD. At 27, Joanne will be one of the youngest candidates in the general election. She grew up in a socially disadvantaged council housing estate in Dublin but overcame obstacles in her way and graduated in 2002 from TCD. Joanne cites Larry O'Toole, Sinn Féin councillor in Darndale, near where she grew up, as a major influence on her decision to join Sinn Féin. On leaving college she worked for An Phoblacht until selected last year as a Sinn Féin general election candidate. She talks to ARAN FOLEY about her life and her work as a political activist. Free article

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Cúlchaint le Seán ó Donaile

15 February 2007

N'fheadar cad a dhéanfaidh mé amárach ar Lá Vailintín leis an triúr bhean I mo shaol, agus ribeacha gruaige ar beirt daoibh; Máire rua gan fiacla a chas mé léi I 'CopperFace Jacks' ach í iontach mar lánchúlaí sa chamógaíocht, Verona galánta agus liathróid gailf ina béal agus a BMW agus Nijole ón Phólainn agus í ag fanacht ar an visa uaim, faraor chaill mé a seoladh agus níl go leor airgid nó coupe agam I gcomhair Verona; Free article


15 February 2007

The War on Truth. By Neil McKay This book is essential reading for anyone interested in democracy and how it has been undermined in the rush to invade Iraq. In describing the machinations and deceits perpetrated by the US and British establishments, Neil McKay outlines a blueprint for the demise of democracy - unless people act now. Free article

Media View by Frank Farrell

15 February 2007

From the genuinely right and the non-republican 'left' sections of the media has come a series of contrived stories as the Assembly elections come closer and with it the possibility of a power-sharing Executive involving republicans. Free article

Remembering the Past

15 February 2007

On 14 February 1989, prominent Sinn Féin Councillor John Davey was assassinated by a UDA gang. He had been elected to Magherafelt District Council and had been a tireless worker on behalf of the community. He had been an ardent campaigner on justice and equality issues, particularly discrimination in the workplace. A strong and vigilant character, he became a figure of hatred for unionism and the British state. Free article

Fifth Column

15 February 2007

An Phoblacht's famous weekly satirical column. Free article

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