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13 July 2006 Edition

Mitchel McLaughlin Column

13 July 2006

When we speak of equality many people perceive it as a one dimensional issue, referring to the political situation pertaining in the North of Ireland. If you ask most people what equality means to them you will invariably get the answer that it is about equality between Catholic and Protestant, Unionist and Nationalist. Implicit in that suggestion is that Equality in Irish political terms is a sectarian issue. But this interpretation could not be further from reality. Free article

OPINION: In what circumstances should Sinn Féin enter government in South?

13 July 2006

Returning to the discussion of Sinn Féin's attitude towards participation in government in the 26 Counties, DAVID CULLINANE argues for the building of a coalition of the left. Free article

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13 July 2006

Rescuing public transport from market fanatics, Demand for talks on EU constitution, MEP's Diary.... BAIRBRE de BRÚN and Strasbourg In Brief Free article

Social Partnership: Old model incapable of dealing with current issues

13 July 2006

As trade unionists debate the merits or otherwise of the proposed new Social Partnership agreement for the 26 Counties - Towards 2016, ICTU General Secretary DAVID BEGG, writing for An Phoblacht, argues that it represents progress and a significant departure from partnership agreements over the past 18 years. Free article

The Matt Treacy Column

13 July 2006

As his hero emerged once more from amid a ruck of bodies, the ball clutched greedily to his chest, the Armagh man beside me pointed joyously to the object of his affections. "Jaysus boys. Francie is in danger of been made Man of the Match". Free article

Cúlchaint le Seán ó Donaile

13 July 2006

Agus Zidane bocht an 'sceimhlitheoir' ag cur isteach ar na hIodálaigh, a bhuaigh Corn "Hype" an Domhain, iad ag tumadh timpeall na páirce agus ag ithe Cornetto's. Free article

Remembering the Past

13 July 2006

On Saturday 17 July 1976 two IRA Volunteers on active service - Patrick Cannon from Dublin and Peter McElchar from Donegal set out in a car in which they were transporting an explosive device. They crossed the border from Donegal into Tyrone and were approaching the town of Castlederg when the device exploded prematurely. It was about 2.15pm. Free article


13 July 2006

The recent publication of the Defamation Bill and the Privacy Bill have produced the expected chorus of orchestrated outrage from the owners of the gutter press who fear - somewhat overly pessimistically - that their rights to make profits by selling sleaze and lies and distortions will be curtailed. Free article

Fifth Column

13 July 2006

An Phoblacht's famous weekly satirical column. Free article

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