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20 April 2006 Edition

Reclaiming the spirit of 1916

20 April 2006

Over the Easter weekend hundreds of commemorations were held all over Ireland and abroad to remember the men and women of 1916. This year was notable because of the 90th Anniversary, but Sinn Féin and other republicans commemorate the Rising every year. What was different this year was that the Irish government which had abandoned remembering the Rising since the early Seventies, in case it would cause offence to the British and the unionists, decided that it is now acceptable to reinstate the commemoration with a parade down O'Connell Street. Free article

AGENDA: Republican initiatives around truth, recovery and healing

20 April 2006

The following article is published as part of An Phoblacht series by PHILIP McGUIGAN on the issue of dealing with the past three decades of armed conflict and its consequences. Philip is the Sinn Fein spokesperson on Truth and Victims. Free article

Remembering the Past

20 April 2006

When Seán Russell was appointed IRA Chief of Staff in 1938 he immediately appointed Seán McNeela OC England and Tony D'Arcy OC Western Command. After a few months of intense activity preparing for a bombing campaign in England, McNeela was arrested and sentenced to nine months imprisonment. He returned to Ireland in 1939 and was appointed IRA Director of Publicity and produced a weekly paper entitled War News. Free article

1916-2006: Different atmosphere for 75th anNiversary

20 April 2006

The 75th anniversary of the 1916 Rising in 1991 took place in an atmosphere, quite different to that of 2006. The 26 County state, very reluctantly, held an extremely brief, low key ceremony oustide the GPO in Dublin. Meanwhile as described below by artist ROBERT BALLAGH a broad based organisation comprising artists, musicians, writers and ordinary people from across Ireland brought thousands onto the streets of the capital to celebrate the ideals of the Rising in the face of official neglect and contempt. Free article

Cúlchaint le Seán ó Donaile

20 April 2006

Tá mé buartha faoi Kate Moss - feicim go bhfuil sí ag crochadh thart leis an rogaire sin Peadar Ó Dochartaigh agus iad ar an Pepsi don bhricfeasta; ní raibh Leo Sayer ríamh chomh sásta is atá sé lena 6ú bhean chéile agus a árasán nua san Astráil- is fada an bóthar dó ó Pháirc Uí Chaoimh agus a bhellbottoms glas agus Siamsa Cois Culchie agus é I drochchomhluadar leis na "comh-taistealaí Sealadaigh", na Wolfe Tones agus an brat glas crochta thart orthu; bheadh said thar a bheith sásta lesi an rí-ra agus rúille búille I nDubh Linn ag an deireadh seachtain. Free article

Media View by John O'Brien

20 April 2006

Once Fianna Fáil had decided to end the long established Southern state neglect of the 1916 Rising, it was inevitable that the major media would have to cover the celebration events. But in doing so their two-faced hypocrisy became more apparent than ever. Free article

Fifth Column

20 April 2006

An Phoblacht's famous weekly satirical column Free article

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