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27 October 2005 Edition

Opinion: Money, Lies and Videotapes - By Mark Thompson

27 October 2005

Mark Thompson, Director of Relatives for Justice, calls for an independent investigation into Eric Anderson and a review of all murder investigations involving the former RUC man Free article

Rosa Parks - Trodaire ar son cearta sibhialta

27 October 2005

Ar an Luan seo caite, fuair bean mhisniúil chróga chalma bás darbh ainm Rosa Parks. Mhair sí in aois 92 di. Cuimhnítear uirthi mar bhean ó bhunús Afra-Meiriceánach a dhiúltaigh stádas dara-aicmeach nuair a dhiúltaigh sí bogadh óna suíochán ar an mbus d'fhear geal i gCathair Montgomery i Stát Alabama sna Stáit Aontaithe. Free article

Books - Redefining republicanism for the 21st Century - BY GERRY ADAMS

27 October 2005

An important new book by the Sinn Féin President, launched in Belfast and Dublin this week, explores the republican vision of a new Irish society Free article

Hybrids and interlopers

27 October 2005

National stereotypes are a bad thing of course but there is a certain grain of truth to most of them. One of those relating to Australians is their alleged lack of modesty when it comes to trumpeting their achievements. This is particularly true when it comes to sport. Last Friday's drubbing of the Irish International Rules team certainly gave them plenty of ammunition. Free article

Aodh Rua Ó Domhnaill

27 October 2005

Red Hugh O'Donnell's correct name is Aodh Rua Ó Domhnaill. An old prophesy said that when Aodh succeeded Aodh, the O'Donnells would lead Gaelic Ireland to freedom from the English. And in 1601, with his ally Hugh O'Neill Red Hugh O'Donnell was on the verge of achieving that. Free article

The 5th Column

27 October 2005

The 5th Column Free article

Dúirt Siad...

27 October 2005

The week in quotes. Free article

Remembering the Past - Connie Green and Saor Uladh

27 October 2005

On 26 November 1955, almost 50 years ago, Connie Green of Saor Uladh was buried unnamed in a Monaghan graveyard. In October 1951 Liam Kelly of Pomeroy, County Tyrone, was dismissed from the IRA. With his own power base in East Tyrone he took the local Volunteers with him in a new direction. Free article

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