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28 July 2005 Edition

IRA - the people's army

28 July 2005

In 1969 nationalists living in several parts of the Six Counties, but particularly in Belfast, were subjected to a pogrom with thousands driven from their homes and entire streets burned to the ground by unionist mobs. Free article

Armed struggle and the republican peace strategy

28 July 2005

Since 1994 the central focus of the Irish Republican Army has been to advance the republican peace strategy, to enhance the Peace Process and by these means to move towards the objective of Irish unity and independence. The relatively brief resumption of armed struggle in 1996/'97 was like previous phases of armed struggle in microcosm. It came about after a period during which intense efforts by Irish republicans to advance by peaceful means were thwarted by unionism and by the British Government with the object of isolating and defeating republicans. These attempts to defeat republicanism failed then as they failed throughout the conflict since 1969. Free article

11 years of IRA support for process

28 July 2005

ROBBIE SMYTH picks out the crucial events of the last 12 years highlighting the IRA's commitment to the Peace Process. Free article

Let's celebrate

28 July 2005

CAITRÍONA RUANE, the director of CéadSF100 gives a brief rundown of what the Céad Bliain celebrations are all about. Free article

Embracing cultural diversity - Féile An Phobail

28 July 2005

At an Eleventh Night bonfire in North Belfast unionist paramilitaries parade before the crowd. Masked and wearing the customary paramilitary dress, the group brandishes weaponry while marching behind a UVF flag. In the background the flames leap and the dark sky is illuminated orange. There is debris on the ground and smoke in the air. Free article

Dan Joe Murphy - Staunch North Kerry republican dies

28 July 2005

The Republican Movement in North Kerry lost one of its staunchest members earlier this year, when Dan Joe Murphy of Kilmorna, died on 16 March after a short illness. Free article

H-Block memories

28 July 2005

Arthur Morgan, Sinn Féin TD for Louth and party spokesperson on Enterprise and Employment, recently made a return visit to the H-Blocks of Long Kesh. Morgan was a political prisoner in the H-Blocks from 1977 to 1984, following his arrest by the British army aboard a boat in Carlingford Lough. This week Arthur Morgan writes of the powerful memories generated by his return to Long Kesh. Free article

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