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30 June 2005 Edition

Dúirt Siad...

30 June 2005

What they have said this week... Free article

A coalition for change

30 June 2005

A number of recent articles in An Phoblacht have discussed the possibility of Sinn Féin taking part in a coalition government in the 26 Counties, and what form such a coalition might take. Free article

We need to think big

30 June 2005

Gerry Adams praises honourees Free article

Munster celebrates

30 June 2005

Over 400 republicans congregated in the European Capital of Culture, the proud People's Republic of Cork, on Friday 24 June. They had made their way to the Silver Springs Hotel from all parts of Munster to pay tribute to eight of their number and to celebrate 100 years of Sinn Féin. Free article

The Munster Honourees

30 June 2005

Republicans in Munster honoured for long-standing service Free article

Remebering the Risen People

30 June 2005

Addressing a mass rally in West Belfast in 1975, the then Sinn Féin Vice President Máire Drumm spoke of the emergence of what she called 'the risen people'. There had been resistance before, even armed resistance, but now "we have a risen people" and as Máire told the crowd, "no one can beat a risen people". Free article

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Short Strand remembers

30 June 2005

Hundreds of republicans from across Belfast gathered in the Short Strand in the east of the city on Sunday 26 June to mark the 35th anniversary of the 'Battle of St Matthew's' and to remember that fateful night on 27 June 1970, when the district came under siege from loyalist mobs determined to burn down St Matthew's Chapel. Free article

Laoch Litríochta ar Lár - Michael Davitt 1950-2005

30 June 2005

The Irish language literary world has just lost one of its contempory giants but his words, struggle and creativity will endure, writes AN DRAOI RUA Free article

Gaeilge don Todhchaí: Leathnú seachas caomhnú

30 June 2005

Cathal Ó Murchú argues that the task of Irish language revival should be expansion rather than preservation. Free article

The shelling of the Four Courts

30 June 2005

The shelling of the Four Courts in June 1922 marks the start of the Civil War, which served no one in Ireland. Instead, it played into a trap laid by England, for it allowed them to maintain a hold over Ireland while shifting the focus of republicans to a domestic enemy. Free article

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