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17 February 2005 Edition

Women's Rights: Our Unfinished Revolution

17 February 2005

THE Fourth World Conference on Women, held in Beijing in 1995, marked a colossal step forward in the global fight for women's rights. Ten years on a Sinn Féin conference in Newry, last Saturday, marked a major step forward by republican women - to acknowledge the part played by women in the last 100 years of struggle and to mark women's determination to take up the challenges in that unfinished revolution to win rights for all. Free article

Through my eyes

17 February 2005

Jennifer Williams, who is with An Phoblacht on work experience from her West Belfast college, travelled to Newry for her first taste of a Sinn Féin women's conference and below writes about her experiences. Free article

Vote No to EU Superstate - Plans for military force of 108,000

17 February 2005

In the second of a series of articles on the upcoming referenda on the proposed EU Constitution, ROGER COLE of the Peace and Neutrality Alliance (PANA), who is also a member of the Labour Party, looks at the implications for Irish sovereignty and neutrality. Free article

David slays Goliath

17 February 2005

Fifteen years ago, writing an article condemning the practices of fast food giant McDonalds could have got you sued. While everyone knew Ronald and Co were pushing a diet of mainly salt and fat on children, cruelty to animals, ripping down rain forests, refusing to re-cycle, exploiting teenage workers - few were brave enough to stand up and say it. Free article

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An Iaráic i ndiaidh an Toghcháin

17 February 2005

After looking at the results of the election in Iraq, it's hard not to learn a few lessons from Vietnam and to speculate what might happen in the future, writes AN DRAOI RUA Free article

Not just your average gay icon - Remembering the Past

17 February 2005

On 1 March 1965, 40 years ago, the remains of Roger Casement were removed from Pentonville Jail and re-interred in Glasnevin Cemetery. Roger Casement was born in Sandycove, County Dublin, in 1864 and educated at Ballymena Academy, County Antrim. Free article

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