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6 May 2004 Edition

Missed opportunity for all-Ireland tourism

6 May 2004

Waterways Ireland is one of the Implementation Bodies set up under the Good Friday Agreement to develop the network of navigable waterways across the whole country. The potential for economic and community development, in some of the poorest neighbourhoods on our island, is huge. But it's not happening. Free article

How Sinn Féin will tackle poverty

6 May 2004

BY MARY LOU McDONALD - According to a report by Dr Jane Wilde of the Institute of Public Health, published less than a year ago, almost 6,000 people die prematurely in Ireland every year as a result of poverty and inequality. This is close to 20 times the number of people slain on our roads annually. And while there is plenty of advertising and campaigning done to highlight the fact that 'Speed Kills' and 'Drink Driving Kills', where are the campaigns pointing out the obvious? Poverty kills. Free article

Inside John Waters

6 May 2004

As I sat down to write this review I felt like the best man at a West of Ireland wedding. For the uninitiated within the Pale, basically all that is said by the aforementioned best man at these rural occasions is: "This is a decent man, his father was a decent man and his people are all decent people." Free article

IMC Land

6 May 2004

BY DANNY MORRISON - Within just a week of publishing its findings, the fallibility of the Independent Monitoring Commission becomes easily demonstrated if one considers how it would have reported had it been established in 2001, with the same punitive powers and using the same jaundiced criteria it was to use in the Tohill affair. Free article

Cré na Cille

6 May 2004

With all the concrete and tarmac poured over this country, it's hard not to think of what might be buried beneath the clay, writes AN DRAOI RUA. Is cosúil nach dtugtar an oiread sin ómós don talamh faoinár gcosa is a thug ár sinsear fadó. Cuimhnítear gur ghnách leis na seantaoisigh ceilteacha a bheith curtha faoin fhód is crainn a bheith curtha ar a mbarr. Inniu tógtar léachtanna móra cuimhniúcháin in onóir don té faoin creafóg is tá reiligí scaipithe ar fud na tíre. Free article

The 5th Column

6 May 2004

An Phoblacht's famous weekly satirical column. Read on... Free article

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