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17 April 2003 Edition

Ambiguity: Oiling wheels of progress

17 April 2003

Words like 'certainty' and 'clarity' are not part of the creative lexicon that conflict resolution requires, writes JIM GIBNEY. Free article

How dare you lecture us about democracy

17 April 2003

The 26-County establishment wouldn't know democracy if it was handed to them in a brown envelope marked "political donation", argues columnist PAUL O'CONNOR Free article

Revenue double standards

17 April 2003

What a difference eleven months can make. Last June, Revenue Commissioner chairperson Frank Daly promised that the 26-County tax collection agency would "stick like limpets" to tax evaders, especially those uncovered in Ansbacher and DIRT type investigations. Daly also promised that many individuals would "feel pain". Free article

Coinín na gCásca

17 April 2003

This week, AN DRAOI RUA delves into the origins of the Easter bunny as it proves to have pagan, Christian and marketing value at this time of year. Free article

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