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13 February 2003 Edition

Never again?

13 February 2003

There was an understandable public debate among loyalists and particularly people, elected representatives and community leaders on the Shankill Road in Belfast about the immediate future for the people of the Lower Shankill following the humiliating collapse of the remnants of Johhny Adair's 'C' Company. Free article

National Reconciliation - A Strategic Imperative

13 February 2003

One of the key functions of republican activism presently is to strike a balance between a necessary and immediate preoccupation with the volatile political context and direct threat to the integrity of the Good Friday Agreement, and a long-term strategic perspective on building towards the Republic. Whilst these two processes are indivisible, each necessarily demands a dedicated focus. Free article

Forcing farmers off the land

13 February 2003

In the first of a series of articles on the crisis in agriculture, ROISIN DE ROSA discusses the EU Common Agricultural Policy and the detrimental effects it has had, with the full support of successive Dublin governments, on agriculture in general and on smaller farmers in particular. Free article

Beware of "dangerous facts"

13 February 2003

What could be worse than a broken Fianna Fáil election promise? Well it could be Fianna Fáil's fear of facts. Hold tight, Finance minister Charlie McCreevy is breaking new ground not just in political spin but also in the politics of blaming the victim. Free article

Finance Bill tinkers with tax inequity

13 February 2003

There were few surprises in the publication of last week's Finance Bill, and once again, despite hints of reform of the massive tax avoidance measures in 26-County finance legislation, there was little new on offer from the coalition. Free article

The push for war

13 February 2003

There is a mindset that accuses everyone who opposes the increasingly imminent war on Iraq of being "anti-American", a view that conveniently ignores all those US citizens who have been demonstrating against the war. Free article

Ceiltigh na Cruinne i gcoinne an Chogaidh

13 February 2003

Saturday 15 February marks an international day of action for the anti-war movement. As part of this, thousands will take to the streets of Belfast and Dublin and many Gaeilgeoirí will be among them, writes AN DRAOI RUA Free article

Son of God routs false idols

13 February 2003

There's a claustrophobic, turn-of-century vibe in the air, even three years on from the millennium (or two, depending on who you believe, or how many excuses you need to get drunk). Free article

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