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8 August 2002 Edition

Special Branch: Still Untouchable

8 August 2002

Last week, Sinn Féin spokesperson on Policing, GERRY KELLY, examined the Ombudsman's report into the role of Special Branch at the time of the Omagh bomb. This week, he scrutinises the response of the Policing Board to this report and asks what all of this means for the required "new beginning to policing". Free article

'Monitoring the powerful'

8 August 2002

"At best, journalists sit at the edge of history as vulcanologists might clamber to the lip of a smoking crater, trying to see over the rim, craning their necks to peer over the crumbling edge through the smoke and ash at what happens within. Free article

The problem wth drink

8 August 2002

Fights, people yelling abuse, vomiting and urinating on the street. If this sounds horribly familiar, you have probably been unfortunate enough to find yourself in Dublin city centre or any Irish urban centre after 9pm at the weekend. Free article

Officers jailed but Pinochet escapes justice

8 August 2002

On Monday 5 August, Chilean judge Sergio Muñoz sentenced twelve former members of the military to prison for their role in the assassination of union leader Tucapel Jiménez under the rule of dictator Augusto Pinochet. Free article

Deacrachtaí Dramhaíola

8 August 2002

The problem of waste management is a national disaster suffered by different ways locally by various communities. It is, however, according to AN DRAOI RUA, a problem that should never been allowed to develop. Free article

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