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20 June 2002 Edition

The minister who hadn't a clue!

20 June 2002

Two weeks into government and the gameplan is already clear. The Fianna Fáil/Progressive Democrat coalition is one where the ideology of the Progressive Democrats is clearly driving the government agenda even more than over the last five years. The philosophy of selling off assets and providing whatever comfort blankets are demanded by business while cutting taxes for the rich will continue. Free article

Privatisations spark riots in Peru

20 June 2002

Today, Mary Harney is cutting back on FÁS training schemes. Tomorrow, the government will be trying to privatise the ESB. The privatisation of electric companies has become the latest fashionable economic trend around the world, where governments are only too ready to sell the family silver in exchange for quick bucks to patch up their financial mistakes. Free article

Cruthú na Gréine

20 June 2002

Although we haven't seen much of the sun in Ireland this year, AN DRAOI RUA relates a few Aboriginal legends about the creation of the sun in time for the summer soltice Free article

1798 booklet launched

20 June 2002

I climbed onto the bus from Bodenstown back to Dublin, wet, tired and still attempting to absorb what had gone before me. It wasn't Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin's speech that had me stunned, good and all as it was, but the Irish team's dramatic exit from the World Cup finals at the hands of Spain. Free article

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