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30 May 2002 Edition

Fair employment distortions

30 May 2002

Chill Factor or Kill Factor The effects of sectarian intimidation on employment in West Belfast By Robbie McVeigh and Charlie Fisher The West Belfast Economic Forum Free article

They said it couldn't be done

30 May 2002

A beautiful moment last week burst through the exhaustion of watching Nicky Kehoe's prospects of getting elected slip slowly away like melting snow on a ditch under the glare of a winter sun. Free article

It's not the end of the world - we hope

30 May 2002

While the nation convulsd over Roy Keane this last week, the world was arguably facing its most dangerous nuclear crisis since 1962, but most of us appeared remarkably unconcerned. MICK DERRIG discusses our strange sense of priorities. Free article

A little less conversation, a little more action needed from Ahern

30 May 2002

The dust had barely settled on last week's Leinster House election when the reality of unfinished business and new crises crashed through the Ahern honeymoon. First, he found that he couldn't get Roy back on a plane to Japan. But more important are the long list of things to do facing the incoming government. Free article

Another hunger striker dies in Turkey

30 May 2002

Turkish political prisoner Okan Kulekci died last week in Sagmalcilar State Hospital on the 240th day of his hunger strike. Kulekci had started his fast in Tekirdag F-Type Prison and was later moved to hospital. Free article

Building an Ireland of Equals - as Béarla!

30 May 2002

This week, AN DRAOI RUA asks republicans a few questions about Sinn Féin's cultural vision of a new Ireland. It seems the cultural revolution was forgotten in the manifesto, he argues. Free article

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