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21 March 2002 Edition

Ahern's neutrality pledge is not enough

21 March 2002

Nice II is coming to a ballot box near you this autumn if Fianna Fáil returns to power. Dublin government leader Bertie Ahern made this commitment at the EU Barcelona summit last week. Free article

What is republican economic policy?

21 March 2002

For some time now, economists have been debating whether the United States will experience a V or a U shaped recovery - these correspond to a sharp or a gradual upturn in economic output, respectively. In order to understand the nature of the periodic rises and falls in economic growth in capitalist economies, and to make estimations of future growth, we must understand the nature of commodity production. Whilst such an analysis is difficult to present in a short article, I will attempt to cover the basics in regard to the production of goods (the supply of services is actually simpler). Free article

Another Turkish death

21 March 2002

Yet another political prisoner has died on the death fast protest against the Turkish government's introduction of high security f-Type prisons. Free article

Bleadracht Bhertie

21 March 2002

Níl rud ar bith as an ghnáth as a bheith ag éisteacht le Taoiseach na hÉireann ag cur dallamullóg ar phobal na tíre. Ar ndóigh, éiríonn daoine cleachtaithe le bréaga a chloisteáil uaidh go rialta. Cinnte, má éiríonn leis na bréaga ar fad a fhí le chéile ar théama amháin, b'fhéidir go mbeidh daoine ann a bheas tuillteanach a scéal a chreidbheáil. Caithfidh a admháil, áfach, nach bhfuil a chuid bréaga ag teacht lena chéile ar chor ar bith. Free article

Aiming for environmental utopia

21 March 2002

Gaviotas, A Village to Reinvent the World By Alan Weisman, 1998 Chelsea Green Publishing Company Available online from www.chelseagreen.com, $14.95 & P&P Free article

Black Diaries debate will go on

21 March 2002

The Ghost of Roger Casement RTÉ 1 Thursday 7 and 14 March Free article

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