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18 October 2001 Edition

Ten Freemen laid to rest

18 October 2001

When I was kid growing up in Belfast's Short Strand in the '60s, there were two rebel songs that stirred my heart and that of many another teenager. They were the ballads of Tom Williams and Kevin Barry. Youthful minds created powerful images of Tom facing the hangman: Free article

The shirt off your back

18 October 2001

"We are central to the political life of this nation". Of all the rhetoric in Bertie Ahern's televised leader's address at the Fianna Fáil ard fheis, this was probably the most accurate declaration. Fianna Fáil are central to Irish political life, but not in the way Ahern thinks. Free article

Plan Colombia backfires

18 October 2001

Disease, destitution and an increase in coca production are the consequences of the US's military drug-eradication strategy known as Plan Colombia, according to Hugh O'Shaughnessy, author, broadcaster and columnist with The Observer in London. He witnessed all this against the backdrop of ever-increasing violence, military-paramilitary collusion and human rights abuses during his visit to Colombia in June. O'Shaughnessy was in Dublin last week at the invitation of the Latin America Solidarity Centre. Free article

Dún Sellafield Anois!

18 October 2001

Níl a fhios agam cá mhéad leithscéalta is bréaga a dtig le rialtas na Breataine a inse fá chomhlacht núicleach amháin. Tuigimid nach dtig le muintir na hÉireann ná muintir na Breataine fiú teacht ar eolas beacht cruinn fá gach uile timpiste is meancóg contúirteach a tharla i Windscale/Sellafield ó bunaíodh é i 1947. Free article

Fógraí bháis

18 October 2001

IRA backs taking of seats Free article

Back issue: Blanket men don their own clothes

18 October 2001

AN ATTEMPT by the British administration at Stormont to use the 28-day moratorium announced by Direct Ruler Jim Prior, in his statement after the ending of the H-Block Hunger Strike, to just slowly phase in prisoners receiving and wearing their own clothes has been successfully challenged. Free article

The Stardust tragedy - have we learned the lessons?

18 October 2001

They Never Came Home - The Stardust Story By Neil Fetherstonhaugh and Tony McCullagh Merlin Publishing Price £8.66 Free article

Strange obsessions

18 October 2001

Disco Pigs Directed by Kirsten Sheridan Free article

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