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9 August 2001 Edition

Loyalist attacks 2001

9 August 2001

Compiled solely from reports carried by An Phoblacht, the list containedd in this week's issue is a far from comprehensive list of loyalist attacks. It more closely reflects those incidents that have attracted media attention. Furthermore, it cites only loyalist violence directed against the northern nationalist community. Free article

The Falls Road: Symbol of the freedom struggle

9 August 2001

Symbols of injustice are very important in the minds of people involved in life and death struggles. These symbols can be an individual, alive or dead, such as Nelson Mandela or Bobby Sands. At times they can be inanimate objects like a place, a flag, a museum. In the absence of liberated zones such symbols can become wellsprings of inspiration and motivation. They can have the same effect on the mind as if the liberator was active in an area under his or her control. Free article

Left Behind?

9 August 2001

The second issue of Spark, the magazine for young republicans, hits the streets this week. Free article

Momentous victory for Spanish telecom strikers

9 August 2001

Spain's longest-running industrial dispute came to an end on Sunday night last, not with bread and roses but with champagne and fireworks. Striking telephone engineers, who had set up a massive shanty town in the heart of Madrid's financial district to protest the elimination of their jobs, winning the wholehearted support of ordinary Madrileños in the process, finally emerged victorious after six months of struggle. Free article

Ríthe na hÉireann

9 August 2001

Mar phoblachtánach, ní chreidim i gcóras ríoga ar bith ach tá románsaíocht ar leith ag baint leis an seanchóras Ceilteach, nuair a bhí ríthe agus árdríthe i réim in Éirinn. Free article

Remembering the Past

9 August 2001

Internment: 30 years on Free article

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