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5 April 2001 Edition

Reformation Once Again

5 April 2001

In 1968, when Bernadette Devlin came face to face with Ian Paisley, she told him that the Unionist state was unjust and unfair. Paisley, perhaps somewhat to her surprise, conceded her point, but then added: ``I would rather be British than fair.'' Free article

Ignorant, short-sighted and selfish

5 April 2001

This is how Charles Secrett of Friends of the Earth International described George W. Bush this week following the US President's decision to renege on US commitments to tackle global warming. Free article

Reasons to vote No to Nice

5 April 2001

This week An Phoblacht starts a series of articles outlining reasons for voting no to the Nice Treaty. Free article

A daughter of Zapata in Congress

5 April 2001

The Zapatista National Liberation Army finally entered the Mexican Congress last Wednesday - but left again after only a few hours. By the weekend, the Zapatistas were back on the road to their headquarters in the Lacandon Rainforest, declaring that they had achieved what they had come to do. Free article

Scrios ar son airgid

5 April 2001

Nach bhfuil sé dochreidte gur cuma sa tsioc le George W. Bush cad atá i ndán do thimpeallacht na cruinne. Caithfidh mé a admháil, áfach, nár chuir an ráiteas uaidh i dtaobh chonradh Kyoto 1997 iontas ar bith orm. Go simplí , ba ea an rud a bhí sé ag rá ná a fhad is atá airgead le déanamh ag poncánaigh, leanfar ar aghaidh leis an domhan a scrios. Free article

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