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30 November 2000 Edition

Colombian Army Attacks Civilians

30 November 2000

On 26 October 2000, members of the Guanes Battalion of the Colombian Army entered the village of Vallecito, part of the peace and resistance community of San Pablo in the south of Bolivar province, and burned and destroyed houses belonging to local residents. The soldiers also robbed materials that the community had received to reconstruct their houses after the joint army-paramilitary incursion of 22 July 2000. The construction materials had been donated by European organisations to help rebuild the village. Free article

Dlíthe na mBreithiúna

30 November 2000

Creidann an Draoi Rua fur féidir neart a fhoghlaim ó na seandhlíthe. Free article

Remembering the Past: The Kilmichael Ambush

30 November 2000

By the summer of 1920, with the British desperately trying to maintain its civil administration in Ireland, it was beset with the problem of mass resignation from the RIC. Free article

Back issue: Massive Leinster House Hunger-Strike lobby

30 November 2000

DUBLIN city centre came to a standstill for more than four hours last Saturday, as by far the largest turnout the city has seen on the H-Block/Armagh issue marched to Leinster House, providing a major boost for the campaign in the 26 Counties. Free article

New in print: Cuba in fact and fiction

30 November 2000

Resurrection Day By Brendan DuBois. Warner Books Stg £5.99 The Cuban Exile Movement Hernando Calvo and Katlijn Declercq Ocean Press £11.95 Free article

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