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16 November 2000 Edition

More equal than others

16 November 2000

The Assembly debated the draft Programme for Government this week in a somewhat surreal atmosphere, given the First Minister's recent actions and statements. An Phoblacht's LAURA FRIEL reports Free article

Ár Samhlaíocht Féin

16 November 2000

Creideann an Draoi Rua nach nglacann muintir na hÉireann a gcultúr féin i ndáiríre. Free article

New in print: Pulp faction

16 November 2000

The Power Game - Fianna Fáil since Lemass By Stephen Collins O'Brien Press Price £20 Free article

Remembering the Past: The Edentubber Martyrs

16 November 2000

The 1950s marked the most serious physical force campaign against the artificial Six-County statelet since 1922. Free article

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