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18 November 1999 Edition

Offences Against Our Rights

18 November 1999

In the section of the Good Friday Agreement entitled Rights, Safeguards and Equality of Opportunity, the Dublin Government undertakes to ``further strengthen the protection of human rights in its jurisdiction''. Free article

Male suicide: the hidden slaughter

18 November 1999

In this movement we remember our dead. Their deaths define our journey as a human community. Free article

Tiocfaidh A Lá

18 November 1999

Seolfar feachtas nua ag iarraidh Lá saoire íoctha do mhná an bhlian seo chugainn. Labhair Eoghan Mac Cormaic Margaretta D'Arcy faoina haidhmeanna. Free article


18 November 1999

Championship draws made and The fight game is a shambles Free article

Back issue: Breaking down the wall

18 November 1999

TWO GROUPS of people were out protesting against the Hillsborough Agreement on its fourth anniversary, and there could not have been a greater contrast between them. Free article

New in print: At the OK Corral (County Antrim)

18 November 1999

The White House Connection By Jack Higgins Published by Michael Joseph Price £16.99 (Hb) Stg Free article

Puerto Rico and Uncle Sam

18 November 1999

For the last 101 years, the United States has controlled the political and social life of the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. Free article

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