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8 July 1999 Edition

Bangemann's £650,000 bonanza

8 July 1999

``He is our Ronaldo.'' Is it Henrik Larsson, Dwight Yorke or Alessandro Del Piero? No it is the rather more portly figure of Martin Bangemann, who this week gives up his £120,000-a-year tax free job as EU industry Commissioner. The 64-year-old German is to become a board member of Telefonica, the Spanish telecommunications company. Free article

The battle for Ogoni rights in Nigeria

8 July 1999

Owens Wiwa is a leading member of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP). Free article

As Céim

8 July 1999

Ní bheadh mórán sa tír nár mhothaigh brón agus pian do theaghlaigh an cheathrar bhall de Chór an Aeir a fuair bás an tseachtain seo caite nuair a thit a n-eitleán de thaisme sa cheo agus gur maraíodh cách a bhí ar bhord. Don dara uair le mí anois bhí socraidí faoi onóracha míleata ar scáileáin na teilifíse: saighdiúir óg a maraíodh sa Liobáin, ceathrar a fuair bas i dtionoisc sa bhaile; duine amháin ar dhualgas síochána, an grúpa eile ar dualgas tarrthála. Arm, agus aerforsa a bhfaigheann a mairtirigh bás gan iad a bheith ag cogaíocht. Free article

Sportsview: Chockablock Supersports Sunday

8 July 1999

Days like last Sunday are a rare occurrence. A day when even the clinically sports addicted like myself have to raise the white flag and say, in the immortal words of Roberto Duran ``No Mas''. No matter how hard you tried, you just couldn't possibly get to see everything. Free article

Remembering the Past: The Mansion House `Irish Assembly'

8 July 1999

The victory of Count Plunkett in February set the scene for other electoral contests by republicans later that year and early in 1918 and it and other by-election victories that year led in no small degree to the re-awakening of Ireland's national spirit and to the awesome general election victory in December 1918 which resulted in An Chéad Dáil Éireann in January 1919. Free article

Back issue: Two dozen thieving Brits

8 July 1999

Twenty British soldiers pleaded guilty to a series of charges, including breaking and entering and theft, at Newry and Mourne magistrates court on Tuesday. Free article

Cinema: Connery cashes in

8 July 1999

Summer is here. It brings sun, tourists and the traditional blockbuster. The first to be unleashed on us this year is Entrapment, which fulfils all the criteria - international plot, special effects, thumping music and of course, one or two established box-office thespians. Chief of these is Sean Connery, the greatest actor to espouse Scottish independence since Mel Gibson. Free article

Television: Orange Disorder

8 July 1999

Questions & Answers, Monday night. Prime Time, Tuesday night. Previewed: Engine Earth, Wednesday, 14 July 8.30pm, RTÉ 1. Gypsies, Tinkers and Travellers, Radio 1, Wednesday 21 July, 7.05pm. Free article

Dúirt siad...

8 July 1999

The week in quotes.... Free article

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