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25 March 1999 Edition

Home Secretary seeks hostages

25 March 1999

It could have been, as a letter in The Guardian observed, the Straw which broke the back of the peace process. The British Home Secretary's failed attempt in Belfast High Court to block the release of Patrick Magee, Thomas Quigley, Paul Kavanagh and Joe McDonnell on Monday was, even by their own standards, an astonishingly crude attempt by the British Government to exert pressure on Sinn Fein ahead of the deadline next week for the setting up of the new Executive. Free article

Rebel vote breaks deadly silence

25 March 1999

Radio silence. Television silence. Government silence. 3 million Mexicans turning out to vote against the war of extermination of the indigenous peoples, in a national plebiscite organised by diminutive, malnourished Indians wearing balaclavas. This is the democracy of the poor in a country where the political system can barely hang on until presidential elections next year, and fresh scandals break on a weekly basis. Free article

Obair Sheáin Bhuí

25 March 1999

Níl aon dabhat ná go mbeidh gliondar agus faoiseamh ar an trí theaghlach ar scaoileadh a ngaolta saor ó na Blocanna H an tseachtain seo, ina dhiaidh cás cúirte a thóg an Rúnai Baile Breatánach, Jack Straw, in aghaidh cinniúna a rinne an Coiste Athchomharc ar Dhaortha. Free article

Workers in struggle

25 March 1999

The EU Commission must go and `Tesco must pay money back' - Crowe Free article

Sportsview: St. Josephs and Crossmaglen victorious

25 March 1999

Congratulations to Crossmaglen on their St. Patrick's Day triumph in the All-Ireland Club Football Final over Ballina. Free article

Remembering the Past: Daring arms raid

25 March 1999

Following the success of the raid to capture weapons and explosives at Solohedbeg, County Tipperary in January, other areas around the country began cranking up their IRA units. Until now most of their operations consisted of drilling, parading and 'manoeuvres'. Free article

Back issue: Please hear our plea

25 March 1999

On March 8th in New York a Press Conference was held to launch an extensive tour of the United States by three Belfast women all mothers of H-Block prisoners. Free article

Television: Following fascists

25 March 1999

A Journey to the Far Right (BBC2) La Haine (BBC2) Free article

Dúirt siad...

25 March 1999

The week in quotes... Free article

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