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25 March 1999 Edition

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Back issue: Please hear our plea

H-Block mothers tour USA

On March 8th in New York a Press Conference was held to launch an extensive tour of the United States by three Belfast women all mothers of H-Block prisoners.

With Nora Ward, Lily Fitzsimmons and Kay Walsh were Kathleen Gallagher (Derry) and Martin Galvin of Irish Northern Aid.

In an opening statement Nora Ward outlined the backround to the H-Blocks and the British government's policy of ``Criminalisation''. She also spoke about the torture in RUC baracks and the brutality upon which British rule in Ireland is based. Addressing the Press Corps she said:

``The list of daily abuses which are inflicted upon our sons are well documented in your press kits and will be specifically dealt with by Mrs Walsh and mrs Fitzsimmons.''

Nora Ward urged the people of New York to give their full support to the protesting prisoners, ``I wish to say that I'm certain I speak for all mothers in the nationalist ghettoes in the north of Ireland, please hear our plea before it is too late and in th ename of humanity please help our sons and daughters in their quest for justice.''

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