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4 March 1999 Edition

Commemorate the Crooks

4 March 1999

At the risk of being labelled in the same way as a certain `Bert the Expert' who once described current architecture in London as akin to a `monstrous carbuncle' on the landscape, I think the present debate on developments in Dublin deserves a mention in dispatches. Free article

No reason in the wide earthly world!

4 March 1999

So the Dublin government's brilliant master plan to wangle another few bob from the EU has, surprise, surprise, fallen flat on its face. The amazing thing is that it hasn't happened long before now as 26 County politicians have repeatedly prostituted themselves by selling the country for CAP funds, structural funds, transition funds and whatever funds you're having yourself. Needless to say, most of this money went to already rich farmers, meat processors and road builders Free article

ETA to maintain ceasefire

4 March 1999

The Basque armed organisation Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA) issued a statement last week stating the organisation's intention of maintaining the ceasefire called last September. The reasons argued for this decision are ``the steps taken towards a process of national reconstruction, the feeling of hope and the advance in the reconstruction process expected in the months ahead''. Free article

Táthar ag géilleadh do na tiarnaí cogaidh

4 March 1999

Rinneadh athrú fíorbhunúsach ar pholasaí an stáit Éireannaigh an mhí seo caite nuair a d'fhógair an Taoiseach Ahern go raibh a rialtas ag géilleadh go bhallraíocht sa comhpháirtíocht um shiochain (CS/PFP). Bhí an t-athrú polasaí chomh bunúsach sin gur thuill sé reifreann ach ní dheachthas i gcomhairle le buneagraíochtaí Fhianna Fáil fiú. An dtuigeann baill siad uile ceannaithe nó ciúnaithe. Free article

Workers in struggle

4 March 1999

Dangerous workers undermine economy and Partners against ``the enemy at the gate''? Free article

Back issue: New RUC boss

4 March 1999

On June 1st, 49-year-old Hugh Annesley, Assistant Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police in charge of specialist operations, will take up the job of Chief Constable of the RUC at a salary of £57,000 per year. Free article

New in print: Voices of resistance

4 March 1999

Sticks & Stones by Rosaleen Walsh With Felonious Intent by Eamon McGurk Aiming Higher by Micheal Gallagher & Rosaleen Walsh All 1.50 Glandore Publishing Springhill Community House, 6-7 Springhill Close, Belfast BT12 7SE Tel: (01232) 326722 Free article

Television: Cringy

4 March 1999

Carla's Song (Channel 4) Land and Freedom (Channel 4) Loyalists (BBC2) Shanghai Vice (Channel 4) Down To The Bedrock (RTE) Free article

Dúirt siad...

4 March 1999

The week in quotes... Free article

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