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4 March 1999 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

Every time Pasiley has come to Drumcree in the past it has inevitably resulted in trouble afterwards.

Garvaghy Road representative Breandán Mac Cionnaith after it was annonced Ian Paisley was having an election rally in Portadown.


This confirms the widely held belief that the siege of the Garvaghy Road is being maintained by the Orange Order and those within the No camp of unionism to help gain electoral support in their bid to undermine the Good Friday Agreement.

Sinn Féin's Dara O'Hagan on the same visit by Pasiley.


...Racist, professional incomperence and bad leadership.

Report on the Metropolitan Police after looking into the death of Blach teenager Stephen Lawrence in London .


Black people are still dying on the streets and in the back of police vans. Black youngster will never be safe on the streets.

Stephen's mother in response to the report.


They do not have a shred of evidence to back up their claims... We have long suspected that FAIT simply makes up its evidence and a complient media reproduces it without question.

Sinn Féin Assembly member Conor Murphy on claims by the British government funded FAIT that republicans were involved in a knife attack on a women in Bessbrook.


We can all of us support peace in East Timor; we can all of us support peace in South Africa, in the Middle East, in Kosovo; and they are good causes... Well, why not Ireland's?

Gerry Adams speaking in Australia last week in reply to a question that he was importing troubles to Australia.


It needs to be stressed that the same people who regard Mr Mac Cionnaith, an elected representative, as untouchable had no difficulty dealing with the notorious loyalist paramilitary leader Billy Wright.

Editorial in the Irish News on business fugure David Montgomery's decision to become involved in talks on the Drumcree siege. Friday 26 February.


Although an air of whistling past the graveyard publicly prevails over the issue, I am very much afraid that the unionist manipulation of the decommissioning issue has placed the peace process in greater peril than any time since the IRA ceasefires were first declared.

Tim Pat Coogan, Ireland On Sunday 28 February.


In my view there isn't even the remotest possibility of the IRA responding to this demand from the leader of the Ulster Unionist Party which amounts to... a demand for the surrender of the IRA.

Martin McGuinness on the BBC's Off The Record last Sunday.


Unionism cannot turn back the clock. It can delay the process of change, but it cannot stop the momentum pushing us all towards a new political dispensation.

Mitchel McLaughlin speaking at the Freedom march in Belfast last Sunday.


The guns and bombs of the IRA are silent. Yet there is more talk about the guns and bombs that are silent than there is about the guns and bombs of the loyalist death squads which are still being used against the nationalist community.

Martin McGuinness on decommissioning. Irish News, Wednesday 3 March.

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