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7 January 1999 Edition

Why the euro is bad for Ireland

7 January 1999

The replacement of the púnt by the euro is a form of national treason by the bulk of our politicians, even if many of them may not realise what they are doing. An army and a currency are the two classical essential features of being an independent state - the monopoly of legal force and the monopoly of legal tender in a territory. All states have their own currencies and all curriences belong to states. By ceding to Brussels and Frankfurt the power to control credit in the economy, decide interest rates and the currency exchange rate, the politicians of our main parties are abandoning fundamental instruments for advancing the Irish people's welfare. Free article

Another look under history's carpet

7 January 1999

By the First of January every year, most of us are just about ready to hang out a Do Not Disturb sign on our lives, in the hope that no one will come bothering us until an appropriate period of time has elapsed to allow recuperation from the Christmas season. Free article

Spinning out of control

7 January 1999

The rapid demise of British Trade Secretary Peter Mandelson shows that you can't spin all of the people all of the time. Mandelson was hailed as the architect of New Labour's stunning victory in 1997 after 18 years of Tory rule in Britain. Free article

More of the same from Unionism

7 January 1999

Laura Friel sees Unionism still mired in the past as the old year gives way to the new Free article

Smurfit stay silent on Colombian claims

7 January 1999

There is an area of land in Colombia, less in size than Michael Smurfit's golf course in Straffan, Co Kildare, that has been a thorn in the side of Smurfit Plc since 1986. The area known, as Buenos Aires, is in the Paila district in the south-west of the country and has been the home of the Paez Indians for longer than anyone can remember. Free article

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Daichead bliana ag fás

7 January 1999

Daichead bliana ina dhiaidh bua na réabhlóide i gCúba, agus seacht mbliana agus tríocha tar eis do na Stait Aontaithe longbhac a chur ar an oileán i 1962, tá an tír, faoi cheannaireacht an Uachtaráin Fidel Castro, ag comóradh dhá scór bliana de shaoirse agus deireadh ré an deachtóra Batista ar an tAonú Lá Eanáir 1959. Free article

Workers in struggle: Welcome to Euroland

7 January 1999

Europhoria, Eurozone, Euroland - the superlatives were out in force this week for the birth of the euro. A 30,000 strong party was thrown in Frankfurt and photo opportunities were held across the EU for the launch of the euro. Lucky enough there were also protests in Dublin and pies in the Netherlands. Mind you the Dutch finance minister didn't seem that happy at having a custard pie thrust in his face. Free article

Back issue: Twenty years on

7 January 1999

Almost twenty years after the British army was deployed on the streets of Belfast and Derry a question which must eventually be answered is still being avoided by many people who have a justifiable desire to see peace in Ireland. This question could be framed in the following manner: Free article

New in print

7 January 1999

Ireland The Propaganda War: The British Media and the Battle for Hearts and Minds, Ireland and Scandinavia in the Early Viking Age and Mad Money Free article

Television: Ging gang gooly

7 January 1999

Tir Gan Anam (TnaG) Rothai Mór an tSaoil (TnaG) Free article

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