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10 December 1998 Edition

On 50th anniversary, dismay at Human Rights violations

10 December 1998

As the drums beat on Thursday for anniversary of the 50th anniversary of the United Nations (UN) Declaration on Human Rights, one couldn't help taking a step back... As speeches unfolded and dinners were held throughout the western capitals, the hypocrisy was blatant. No, the Human rights 50th anniversary is not an ordinary birthday. Nor was it exactly the merriest one either. It was a blunt reminder that one of the most ambitious documents is also the world's most violated one. Free article

Fianna Fáil ag athrú polasaí neodrachta

10 December 1998

Le níos mó ná fiche bliain anuas anois ón Reifreann ag tús na seachtóidí is ballraíocht stát na 26 chontae san gComhphobal Eorpach ardaítear ábhar neodracht na tíre seo. An bhfuil an polasaí seo slán nó an bhfuil athruithe móra le tíocht go luath ? Free article

A carrot in one hand and a stick in another

10 December 1998

The Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IBEC) is a very active lobby group on behalf of Irish business. They are actively opposing the introduction of a minimum wage, want further cuts in corporation tax, oppose workers wage increases because they are inflationary but do not apply the same rule to executive salaries. They also support forcing unemployed people into make work schemes. Free article

Sportsview: Corner kicks at Croker

10 December 1998

Pat Spillane, the former Kerry footballer and current gaelic football pundit for RTE, said on the Late Late Show a few weeks ago that he thought the Irish soccer team should be allowed to play at Croke Park. Free article

Back issue: Jay defends H-Block

10 December 1998

A recent article by a well known American columnist, Jack Anderson, which appeared in several newspapers across the United States of America has brought a renewed Brit propaganda offensive in the States. Free article

New in print

10 December 1998

Defenders and The Republican Ideal: Current Perspectives Free article

Television: Last of the Vikings

10 December 1998

How Others See Us (UTV) Prime Time (RTE) Sinn Fein and the Basques (RTE) Free article

Editor's desk

10 December 1998

Members of the Junior Orange Order are said to be very surprised that their website guest book has become the cause of attacks on the Order itself. The poor naive little things.

Their web-page has been swamped by attacks from throughout the world. Messages ranged from Mike Rees of Wales who described the Lodge as a bunch of Nazis, to another visitor who told the Young Orangemen... Free article

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