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10 December 1998 Edition

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Back issue: Jay defends H-Block

A recent article by a well known American columnist, Jack Anderson, which appeared in several newspapers across the United States of America has brought a renewed Brit propaganda offensive in the States.

Jack Anderson's article, mainly based on information gathered by the two American Congressmen Hamilton Fish and Joshua Eilberg (who recently visited the six counties) claimed that the British were trampling on the rights of Irish people in a manner reminiscent of Cromwell.

The Brit propaganda offensive has been led by Peter Jay, Brit ambassador in Washington, who in an artilce in the `Washington Post' attacked ``utterly misleading'' accounts of the H-Blocks. Brit consul-generals in other American cities have also been given propaganda space.

The decision by the Brits to mount this offensive reflects their growing concern that publicity about the horrific H-Blocks, Castlereagh torture and routine Brit brutality is beginning to make an impact among the powerful Irish-American community. Particularly worrying for the Brits is the 121-strong Congesssional ad hoc committee on Ireland which has repeatedly, although so far unsuccessfully, called for open Congressional hearings to investigate the mounting allegations.

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