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10 September 1998 Edition

Remember conflict resolution?

10 September 1998

MICHEAL MacDONNCHA has a few basic truths for John Bruton Free article

Criminalisation by the back door?

10 September 1998

The joyous welcome likely to greet released Republican prisoners on their return to their families, friends, comrades and communities is already being viewed with disquiet by the British dominated press. Free article

The really powerful women

10 September 1998

It was a man, who else, that told the women delegates attending the Vital Voices, Women in Democracy Conference in Belfast, that they must lead the way in delivering lasting peace in the north. Free article

Skychester United - who really cares?

10 September 1998

What is it about Manchester United? All it takes is the slightest doubt that the grass in Old Trafford hasn't been cut right and panic sets in. Journalists are commissioned to write ``J'acccuse'' articles. TV news bulletins go into overtime. Worried government ministers promise action. Concerned fans gather at the gates of the self styled Theatre of Dreams (what a pathethic self-aggrandising name) and bemoan the lack of consultation. Free article

Slógadh - An 25ú & 26ú - Bígi Ann

10 September 1998

Cén deiradh seachtaine eile a eagraíonn Sinn Féin sa bhliain ina bhfuil meascán de cheoil, chanadh, phlé ar chúrsaí reatha, céilí, léachtanna, bia agus deoch, léamh dánta agus turas stairiúil an cheantair ar fáil, ach amháin an Slógadh bliantiúil a eagraíonn Roinn an Chultúir. Free article

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Sportsview: Rebels triumph over courageous Galway

10 September 1998

Despite the gallant efforts of a defiant Galway team, Cork's triumph last Sunday was a deserved, albeit difficult, one, in an exhilarating Bord na Gaeilge All Ireland Camogie Final. Free article

Remembering the Past: A short-lived republic

10 September 1998

200 years ago this week the Battle of Ballinamuck effectively ended the United Irish Rebellion. Aengus O Snodaigh describes what happened Free article

Back issue: Stop the show trial, free Gerry Adams

10 September 1998

This year has seen a massive increase in harassment against republican members of the nationalist community in the occupied six-counties of Ireland. After nine years British troops have failed to defeat Irish resistance to partition. Curfews, internments, torture, summary execution and special courts have failed to defeat the Irish Republican Army which continues its war of national liberation. Free article

New in print

10 September 1998

Dictionary of Celtic Mythology and BODY HORROR : Photojournalism, catastrophe and war Free article

Cinema: Saving Private Ryan

10 September 1998

Saving Private Ryan is a spectacular mix of the brutal and the sentimental. The battle scenes are bloody and unrelenting. In fact, by the end, in a scene where a soldier gets blown to pieces, it is no longer shocking - Hollywood has worked its magic and war is entertainment. Free article

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