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6 August 1998 Edition

Friends in high places

6 August 1998

Three court cases here and in Britain in the last week show that justice is still based on privilege. At Charlie Haughey's indictment this week, the judge ordered that Haughey `be allowed to leave the court with dignity'. The very use of the words shows a recognition of privilege. It was a remarkable thing to say. Courts don't often express such sentiments for defendants' `dignity', as hordes of photographers outside the Four Courts on most days of the week testify. Free article

Drug debate must look at all issues

6 August 1998

For the last number of months the London-based Independent on Sunday newspaper has been running a high-profile campaign for the legalisation of cannabis. They have organised marches, a celebrity petition, public debates, medical viewpoints and investigated the ``drug war'' to back up their arguments. And what has been surprising is the lack of screaming opposition to their campaign. Free article

Stealing land from Brazil's poor

6 August 1998

Brazil is a fabulously wealthy country, with both the reserves and potential to become even wealthier. By the turn of the century it is estimated that the country's annual GNP will be in excess of $1 trillion. Free article

Doras an doichill roimh shaoránaigh nua

6 August 1998

Bhain sé mo náire dhearg asam an chaint a rinne fear as Bairéin liom an lá faoi dheireadh. Tháinig an duine seo (ar de bhunadh Iaránach é ó thús) go hÉirinn sna 1970í agus chuir sé faoi anseo. Phós sé Éireannach. Tá clann Éireannach air. Taitníonn Éire agus Éireannaigh leis. Ach le blianta beaga anuas braitheann sé go bhfuil aga na fáilte caite aige anseo. ``Sna seachtóidí, sna hochtóidí agus sna luathnóchaidí,'' ar sé, ``bhí Éire fáilteach romham ach le tamall de bhlianta anois caitear liom mar choimhthíoch.'' Free article

Sportsview: Lilywhites have their day at last

6 August 1998

After seeing Kildare beat Meath it's not hard to see why the Championship is special. Free article

Back issue: Brit goes berserk

6 August 1998

Since preparations began for the West Belfast Festival, which started on Sunday 7 August, there has been a marked increase in the number of British Army and RUC in the area. Free article

New in print: Long, long ago...

6 August 1998

Folk tales from the Irish Countryside By Kevin Danaher Published by Mercier Press Price £5.99 Free article


6 August 1998

The video `War and Peace in Ireland' by American filmaker Art McKeague was shown throughout the week in the festivals in north and west Belfast. The film can be shown publicly, but under an infantile British law, it cannot be sold to private individuals. Free article

Editor's desk

6 August 1998

If you're on the sick with a sore shoulder, don't allow yourself to be photographed by a newspaper wearing a heavy backpack. Even if you are wearing camouflage and you have your face blackened.

That valuable piece of advice comes too late for Corporal Roy Fraser of the 3rd (Volunteer) Battalion The Highlanders, part of the British Territorial Army.

Roy `Smart Boy' Fraser was... Free article

Dúirt siad...

6 August 1998

The week in quotes... Free article

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