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28 May 1998 Edition

A day in Dublin

28 May 1998

Mícheál MacDonncha visited some contrasting political events in Dublin last Saturday Free article

Vote SF and counter the pandering to Unionism

28 May 1998

Brian Feeney posed a very pertinent question last week. ``When is a majority not a majority?'' Simple. When the majority does not include a majority of unionists. Free article

The task ahead

28 May 1998

Republicans can be forgiven for feeling a little cynical about the hype surrounding the result of last Friday's referenda. Every Tom, Dick and Harry is now claiming credit for the political changes that have happened and for moving us all towards peace, harmony and enlightment. Free article

Not yet, sir, not yet

28 May 1998

``When my country takes her place among the nations of this earth, then, and not till then, let my epitaph be written. I have done.'' Free article

Suhartoism lives

28 May 1998

They may have forced a mass murderer from the presidential palace, but Indonesian protesters have so far failed to dislodge the corrupt social order he established. General Suharto may be gone, but Suhartoism lives on. Free article

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Ceart agus éigean i bpóilíniú Dheisceart Domhain

28 May 1998

Is í an deacracht is mó atá ag Mary Robinson agus í ag feidhmiú mar Choimisinéir na Náisiún Aontaithe um Chearta Daonna go mbreathnaítear uirthi mar iarrthóir na Stát Aontaithe don phost. Is cinnte gur míbhuntáiste é do dhuine a bheith ina Bhéarlóir geal agus é ag seanmóireacht le tíortha na hAfraice nó na hAise faoi chearta daonna. Ní ceart ionadh a bheith ar an Roibíneach mná faoi sin ó is uirlis bholscaireachta agus pholasaí eachtrach an chnáimhseáil fhimínteach faoi shárú cearta daonna i ndeisceart domhain. Free article

Sportsview: Ulster says No!

28 May 1998

The debate draws to a close on Rule 21. With the special conference due to debate the rule in Dublin's Burlington Hotel on Saturday 30 May, the weekend's and week's papers were full of the pros and cons of the move. Free article

Lord Mayor's show rerouted

28 May 1998

The Lord Mayor decided to reroute his show last Saturday 23 May, because of protests by a small group of loyalists annoyed at the presence of a float by the Lower Ormeau Residents Action Group (LORAG). Free article

Remembering the Past: The beginnings of failure

28 May 1998

Considering the effects of General Lake's terror, firstly in Ulster, then in the rest of Ireland, the infiltration of informers and arrests of a large section of the leadership it was a wonder that the United Irish army was in position to stage any sort of a rising in May/June 1798. Free article

Back issue: Murder gangs

28 May 1998

Direct links between members of the British army and loyalist murder gangs have been exposed again. One Royal Scots Regiment and three Ulster Defence Regiment soldiers have appeared in court in Belfast in the last week, charged in connection with loyalist terror. Free article

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