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2 April 1998 Edition

The bashful Brothers

2 April 1998

Trauma. It's a difficult one to measure, isn't it? I think I was traumatised by an experience I once had in the Christian Brothers' school in Derry. Free article

The killing of Robert Hamill - lessons to be learned.

2 April 1998

Many in our community were outraged at the brutal killing of Robert Hamill by a gang of pro-British loyalists in Portadown last year. Free article

Feeding time in the Stormont zoo

2 April 1998

``Eat, sleep, negotiate'' ``Eat, sleep, ne-go-ti-ate''. That could easily be a mantra for practising yogis. Or a chant at a protest rally. Or, if repeated at an increasing tempo, a means to encourage your side on to even greater endeavours. Free article

Disney's less than perfect world

2 April 1998

Forget the happy clappy characters, the goofy, zany antics and the sing-a-long tunes. Instead, when you think Disney, think greed. Or Greed. Free article

Foghlaímis Buntús Danmhargaise!

2 April 1998

Fógraíodh an tseachtain seo caite go mbeadh reifreann sna 26 chontae ar 22 Bealtaine faoi chonradh Amstardam. Free article

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Workers in struggle: Banker robbers

2 April 1998

It is not just National Irish Bank (NIB) that stands in the dock this week, it is also the entire Irish private sector banking system. It would be too comforting to believe that the revelations about bank officials stealing from customers' accounts to boost profitability was just an isolated occurrence in the odd rural NIB branch. Free article

Sportsview: The trouble with Fergus

2 April 1998

We wrote a couple of weeks ago on Fergus McCann and the transformation of Celtic from its sorry state four years ago to become one of the biggest clubs in Britain, if not Europe. While in Glasgow for the Hearts game, An Phoblacht heard the fans' reactions to his tenure, the team, Bhoys Against Bigotry and sectarian attacks by loyalists on Celtic fans coming to and from Celtic Park, and the obvious tensions between various members of the club's hierarchy, not least Jock Brown and Wim Jansen. Free article

Back issue: New Lodge sectarian attack

2 April 1998

A 16 year old youth from the New Lodge area of North Belfast was slashed repeatedly around the face with a razor-blade in a sectarian attack by three loyalist teenagers last Friday night, March 25th. Free article

New in print

2 April 1998

Dangerous Men; The SAS and Popular Culture and Bobby Sands: Writings from Prison Free article


2 April 1998

Tearing the Loom and Moon for the Misbegotten Free article

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