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8 January 1998 Edition

The revision and sanitation of 1798

8 January 1998

WHO Fears to Speak of Ninety Eight? It was with that challenge, years after the `98 Rising, that John Kells Ingram began the task of restoring some sanity to the history of Irish Republicanism. Free article

Technological New Year

8 January 1998

Wouldn't it be great if I had one of those voice-operated word processors. I could lie in bed these dark mornings and dictate an article to the machine, confident that it would accept my every word. You will note I said `morning', Wednesday morning to be exact, and the editor has a deadline to go to print this afternoon. Aah, living life on the edge. But don't be conned into believing that working under pressure produces the most creative material. Just read on for proof of that. Free article

A year of green street protests

8 January 1998

Robert Allen predicts a year of increased militancy on green issues Free article

Déantóirí agus caiteoirí na mboscaí

8 January 1998

Fadhb timpeallachta ar a bhfuil smacht iomlán ag daoine ar an talamh Free article

Workers in struggle

8 January 1998

£5 an hour is only fair and Ryanair's double standard Free article

Sportsview: Justice at last

8 January 1998

There is not a lot of sport to write about this week. Well, maybe there is, but you don't get to see an awful lot of sport over the Christmas when your arse is glued to a bar stool. So we'll just have to gloat over another victory for the cause of right thinking and progressive people everywhere. Free article

Back issue: Murder-bid in Donagh

8 January 1998

Ten years ago, on 15 December 1972, the nationalist community in Fermanagh was shocked to learn of the brutal murder of Louis Leonard, whose body was found locked up in a fridge in his Derrylin butcher's shop. The fact that nobody was ever charged with his murder strengthened local suspicions that members of the RUC or UDR were involved. Free article

New in print

8 January 1998

Man of War Man of Peace? The Unauthorised Biography of Gerry Adams Free article

Television: Protesting not enough

8 January 1998

Any Republican worth his/her salt, or James Connolly badge, should be well used to a lifetime of protest, dodging plastic bullets and batons from your friendly bobby, standing on white lines, roof tops and traffic islands, highlighting everything from the Ballymurphy Seven to Brits Out. Hence one might have a somewhat cynical approach to Channel 4's ``Smash It Up'' last Tuesday, which highlighted ten varying tales of protest. Free article

Editor's desk

8 January 1998

I think every democrat should welcome the latest convert to the sentiments which drove the Civil Rights Movement. Here, in Wednesday's News Letter, was what Joel Patton, leader of the Spirit of Drumcree group, had to say about the ``undemocratic'' Orange Order:

``Can anyone condone a situation where the four smallest Orange Counties have 12 representatives on Central Committee... Free article

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