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4 December 1997 Edition

Refused a hearing

4 December 1997

I WAS thinking there, that maybe I should offer my services as a witness in an upcoming case. Well, in a number of upcoming cases really. 11,000 upcoming cases. The case of the Deaf Soldiers. You see I could vouch for their audio limitations. I've witnessed it! Free article

Rebirth of a community

4 December 1997

At the end of the M1 Motorway, nestled beside the Bog Meadows, sits the Republican St James's area of West Belfast. Its 20 small streets have come through much in the past 30 years with hardly a house remaining untouched by the hand of conflict. Free article

A bit of David's mind

4 December 1997

No one likes to see anyone squirm, well, not in front of cameras anyway. Which is why I felt deeply for David Andrews the other day. Seriously. Free article

Lobbying Europe to save the environment

4 December 1997

Robert Allen takes a look at the bureaucrats who lend an ear to profit-seeking industrialists Free article

Seoltar impireacht den 21ú haois

4 December 1997

Is deas an rud é go maireann an náire áit éigin sa domhan caipitealaíoch. Ba bheag gur chuir sé trua orm le bheith ag beathnú ar Shohel Nozawa agus é i gcruth titim faoi bhráid na gceamaraí. Ní bhíonn puinn náire ar ár gciapitealaithe dúchasacha, leithéid Bhean na dTrí mBó, Margaret Heffernan. Is cuma cé chomh gustalach agus a bhíonn rachmasóir beidh rachmasóir eile ann len é a tharraingt anuas. Tiocfaidh lá Margaret. Free article

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Workers in struggle

4 December 1997

Santa McCreevy and 750 jobs cut at Avonmore-Waterford Free article

Back issue: Shoneen socialists

4 December 1997

The fury of Dick Spring, Tomas Mac Giolla and Jim Kemmy over continued links between Sinn Féin and members of the British Labour Party burst into the open this week to Labour leader Neil Kinnock in a public letter attacking, among others, Ken Livingstone, the British MP. Free article

Television: Would you believe?

4 December 1997

It was with a degree of trepidation that I tuned into ``Everyman; Pagan's Progress'', BBC 1, Sunday. Free article

Dúirt siad...

4 December 1997

The week in quotes... Free article

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