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9 October 1997 Edition

As others see it

9 October 1997

Readers of this column will know that I have been working with a film festival here in West Belfast. It finished just last week. It was good, successful. We could have done with bigger audiences but, as they say, from little acorns... Anyhow, one day I was doing my stint at the box office for one of the afternoon shows when I saw this guy come out of the lift. The cinema is on the first floor and a lift and elevator connect it to the ground floor. Usually it is only those with heavy shopping trolleys who use the lift but this guy had no trolley. Free article

Time to grow

9 October 1997

Robert Allen in Switzerland finds that the Irish could learn from the Swiss about making use of the land Free article

Tá siad imithe soir!

9 October 1997

Cá bhfuil na fórsaí míleata a bhíodh ag cosaint bratach na himpireachta i Hong Cong agus bólaí eilel go dtí le déanaí? Tiocfaidh tú orthu in oirtehar ina hEorpa. An tseachtain seo caite bhí 4,500 trúpaí de chuid arm na Breartine páirt in inlícohtaí sa PHolainn. Free article

Workers in struggle

9 October 1997

Lockout at Allegro and Last chance to say No? Free article

Sportsview: No ceasefires in Casement Park

9 October 1997

It's odd seeing the National Hurling League Final being played at this time of year. After another successful hurling season of high drama, second chances and ``back-door finalists'' the league final in October will take some getting used to. However, 21,000 turned up to witness the game between Galway and Limerick, which saw the Treaty men capture their eleventh crown. A lively Limerick performance was epitomised by their excellent defence and experimental team. Galway, the defending champions, gave a poor performance. Free article

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Remembering the Past: Murder most foul

9 October 1997

In a series of articles, Aengus O'Snodaigh marks the 200th anniversary of the judicial murder of United Irish leader William Orr. Free article

Back issue: Support for plastic bullet ban

9 October 1997

Two relatives of young children murdered by British soldiers, who afterwards were given immunity from prosecution, have concluded a three-day visit to England in which they lobbied Labour MPs and trade unionists and generally highlighted British violence in the Six Counties. Free article

New in print

9 October 1997

Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life and Pombo: A Man of Che's Guerrilla Free article

Cinema: Going down for laughs

9 October 1997

I Went Down is an Irish gangster road movie. Git (Peter McDonald) is just out of prison and is heart-broken at losing his girlfriend to his best mate, Anto. His return to his local proves to be the beginning of a comic adventure with non-stop twists. By saving Anto from hammer-wielding hoods Git finds himself in trouble with their boss, the local Mr Big. Free article

Television: Getting past the Pearly Gates

9 October 1997

After advice from a wise old owl I decided to switch my attention away from Hollywood and Montrose to the good old fashioned wireless. Free article

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