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13 June 1997 Edition

Walking past history

13 June 1997

It was a week of comings and goings in Derry, as the City prepared to commemorate the 1400th anniversary of Colum Cille, who founded a monastic settlement among the oak forest in 557 and which four centuries later gave the city its name, Doire Colum Cille. The Gaelic settlement of Doire lasted for almost a thousand years until the plantation in 1603 when the newly arrived colonists changed the name by English Royal Charter to Londonderry. Free article

Spitting out the Fujimori medicine

13 June 1997

Less than two months after ordering the execution of 14 MRTA guerrillas in order to boost his own flagging popularity and reassure nervous foreign investors, Peru's Alberto Fujimori is in trouble with his citizenry again. Free article

Leanaí i bpríosún ar Oileán Mhanainn

13 June 1997

Léirigh cás an chailín Eireannaigh an tseachtain seo géarchéim an chórais dlí agus cirt ar Oileán Mhanainn. Cuireadh i bpríosún í cé nach bhfuil sí ach dhá bliana déag d'aois. Free article

Workers in struggle

13 June 1997

Delivering social justice, Law Society accused of ``bullyboy tactics'' and Burger King role model Free article

Sportsview: Out for the match

13 June 1997

I met Seán Lynch at Cootehill on Saturday. He was out of Long Kesh to be at two great spectator sports. The first was the election count for Cavan/Monaghan. It was a game with plenty of cheering and flag-waving and our side went home happy at half-time, leaving the others to play the whole match and a bit of extra time. As Prionsias de Rossa might say, ``It's not over till the transfer deadline expires.'' Free article

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Remembering the Past: General amnesty 1917

13 June 1997

In June 1917, just 14 months after the Easter Rising and with the political climate throughout Ireland dramatically changed, the last of the sentenced republican prisoners in jail in England arrived home to an enthusiastic reception. Free article

Back issue: Derry opposes Jubilee

13 June 1997

In order to celebrate the Queen's diamond jubilee anniversary all schools in Derry were ordered to close down for the day. This was reinforced by a statement from the DES stating that the holiday would be ``non-transferable'', attempting to ensure that Irish people would be forced to bend their knee to the English queen. Free article

New in print

13 June 1997

Guns and Chiffon, Women Revolutionaries in Kilmainham Gaol and A World Full of Places and other stories Free article

Television: A Sticky wicket

13 June 1997

To paraphrase Wilde, only a man with a heart of stone could fail to laugh at the plight of Proinsias De Rossa and his dwindling band of opportunists. Free article

Editor's desk

13 June 1997

Word reaches me that the SDLP are finding it very difficult to come to terms with the loss of the West Belfast seat. Their website still carries a profile of `Dr Joe Hendron MP', listing the various party responsibilities he holds at Westminster. One of our readers has e-mailed the SDLP twice in the last few weeks to tell them that they lost the election in West Belfast. But still... Free article

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